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He didnt ask me how was I paying the mortgage currently. He stared I wasnt paying the mortgage!!! I have never missed a payment thankfully and wasnt going to start now. And yes mortgage is less than daily withdrawal limit. Was just as handy to pay with that way all along but will continue to pay it by bank transfer going forward.

My child would be able to tell you what broadband on a bank statement meant!!

Not sure about the CA but it has been included in other income when dealing with other banks.

I understand that the country is in a bad way at the moment. But the other banks are upfront at the moment in that they are just not lending for the most part! Which is fair enough. I will continue to bank with my current bank for the moment! And keep my sanity!

I was approved by KBC about a week ago, valid up until November, so they are still doing business. Someone mentioned above they got approval in one hour online - I suspect that was subject to document verification and they'll have a long way to go before getting a LOA to proceed. So, you might as well keep trying with KBC, for the same reason you chose them in the first place. 
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