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Okay, I wasn't sure who was saying, 'I couldn't be paying my mortgage now.' They (KBC) probably couldn't fathom why someone was going to the trouble of withdrawing cash (presumably the mortgage is less than the daily withdrawal limit) and lodging to a mortgage account when it could always be done by bank transfer. 

You have to bear in mind that they will be lending people 10s of thousands of Euro (possibly 100s) and they are used to people (not you, but they need to  check) trying to manipulate the system or/and downright lying. The person you were dealing with is probably personally responsible for signing off on your application (to that point at least) and is accountable for such. 

Re Broadband, I think we can assume everyone that's had the good fortune of passing a job interview in the last 20 years knows what Broadband is. He may (playing Devil's advocate) be wondering if was something work related. 

Re the 'state money' they needed to confirm that it was CA as it cannot (AFAIK) be considered income. It can be a torturous process (went through it myself lately with KBC), but when you realise the money/risk involved they have to be extra careful compared to a Short/medium term loan. Add into the mix that the country is in a very bad state it wasn't in less than 3 months ago and it doesn't help. All the banks will be in the same boat.

He didnt ask me how was I paying the mortgage currently. He stared I wasnt paying the mortgage!!! I have never missed a payment thankfully and wasnt going to start now. And yes mortgage is less than daily withdrawal limit. Was just as handy to pay with that way all along but will continue to pay it by bank transfer going forward.

My child would be able to tell you what broadband on a bank statement meant!!

Not sure about the CA but it has been included in other income when dealing with other banks.

I understand that the country is in a bad way at the moment. But the other banks are upfront at the moment in that they are just not lending for the most part! Which is fair enough. I will continue to bank with my current bank for the moment! And keep my sanity!
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