02.06.2020 14:25 #5
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Thanks for replying Una

Last 4 bills (Nov/Jan /March & May) have all been estimated.

I'm wary of them being underestimated so I pay more than the due amount.  I haven't got unlimited funds and I don't wish to see a bill close to a euro 1,000 in September or November coming.  The latest bill had me in credit but I still paid money on it.

Does this mean that the meters aren't read if you see the customer is in credit?  I hope you're correct about the restrictions and that my next bill (due July or thereabouts) will reflect the correct amount.  My meter is outside somewhere because it's definitely not in my Apt.  If the next bill is also an estimate I will then get on to the management crowd. I do accept the current situation but 4 estimated bills in a row is a bit much given no access is required to my home and there is most likely a separate area that houses all the meters.