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26.03.2020 23:20 #3
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Originally posted by DavidS
Originally posted by RoyNaire
Hi, I want to get a new tv minimum of 49", has to be a smart tv preferably with Apple TV (like the one in the title). I would rather connect the tv by a Lan, wifi is not strong enough in our house. is there any kind of tv that I can install an app via an apk file (its an iptv player I want to install), I also use Netflix, prime video, and Disney +, so would be ideal if they already are or are able to be installed. also would prefer a tv with a satellite receiver built in, I know I am not asking for much :-). budget is definitely below 500 euro, thanks. 

Hi RoyNaire.

Thanks for the post.

It could be difficult to get everything you are after in one set.

I cant think of any television that will allow you to load external apps.
TVs can only use apps from their own app store.
NetFlix and Prime Video are common and as Disney + is new it hasn't appeared on many TV's as of yet and this will be down to each manufacturer if they want to take this on board.

If you could squeeze a 50" then there is the LG 50UM7500. Has pretty much everything you are after. Priced at 479 Euro

Samsung also have their 50RU7400 priced at 449 Euro

In my opinion the LG is the better fo the two mentioned.

Let me know your thoughts.


Thanks for the reply, looking at those 2, do either of them have a satellite tuner and Apple TV app?, thanks. 
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