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28.02.2020 13:03 #1
Hi, I'm looking for some advice on our storage heaters we have in our rented property.

We have received a whopper €500 bill for our electricity and think that it is possibly the storage heaters, either we are not using them correctly or there is a fault with them.

We current have 2 in our downstairs living room which we turn the input dial up to 3-4 overnight (the max it goes to is 8) and we turn the output to 2-3 in the evenings to release the heat (but turn this back down before going to bed).

Our electricity supplier has advised that the bulk of our bill is generated from night time units which leads us to believe it could be the storage heaters.

We are using them as per guidelines given to us when we moved into the property (or so we believe).

Anyone know the ins and outs of them? We are 2 adults living in a small 2 bed townhouse with only 2 storage heaters so feel this bill is nuts and trying to find the problem!