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24.02.2020 12:43 #14
Verified representative
Originally posted by walus
Looking back at the NR1200 unit vs PM6006+ND6006 and PM7000n (which I own already). Are there any indications that the NR1200 may struggle with low impedance speakers (i.e. KEF R's - 3.2 Ohm minimum)? Would there be a merit in moving onto the PM+ND combo? The NR1200 seems like it has a decent amp section, although the 4 Ohm rating is not provided.

What best price could you do the PM6006+ND6006 combo and PM7000n? I really like the PM7000n but I struggle to justify getting another one for a secondary system (unless you can do a great deal, open box, demo unit etc.)

Hey Walus.

On another PM7000. I wouldn't have any open box or ex-display models but I could offer you a one off deal at £840 as you have already purchased one of them.

If you went for the PM6006 and the NA6006 I could offer them for £694

The amplification of the 7000 is slightly higher than the 6006 @ 60watts per channel.
The 7000 also has the better frequency response at 5-100,000 Hz.

Let me know what you think.