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27.01.2020 09:46 #2
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Originally posted by walus
I’ll be getting another system for the second living room and am considering Focal Aria 906 as they are front ported and I need to run them on a shelf rather than on the stands. I can see that Aria series is approaching its end of life (perfect time to buy) and Focal have them on sale through a number of their retail partners in France. Depending on the finish they go for 520-590 euros a pair. the shipping is very reasonable and therefore the deal is very tempting.

I was hoping to get another Marantz amp/network player of ye guys and a pair of speakers (906s preferably) and was wondering if one can expect you will have the Focals on sale any time soon? Another PM7000N would be what I would be aiming for but in a package with 906s at their current price is a no go unfortunately.


Hi Walus.

Thanks for the post.

To be honest I have no idea when they might drop in price unfortunately.
We don't usually hold stock of the focal range here at the Belfast store and only order them in as we need them so we wouldn't even have any display stock.

If you can get them for 590 Euro then that is a bargain and maybe to good to pass up. (Not that I want to lose a sale but that is a fantastic deal on them)
They are still priced at 799 - 999 Euro depending on finish with ourselves.
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