10.10.2019 18:49 #11
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Just want to add that I also had to contact Electric Ireland today as they applied "in error" the exact same 50 Euro exit fee to my account, even though i was out of contract by a week - and had called them before I switched to have them confirm I was free to leave.  

It is such a coincidence - a cynical person might think that this is even something they do by design in the assumption that people, when leaving and closing their accounts, will not check the direct debits coming out of their accounts.  Luckily I don't believe such things.  

I have all the screen grabs etc so will be making a complaint to Electric Ireland so they can give this a robust and full investigation, and then following it up with the folks in the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.

FYI - the Electric Ireland complaints policy is here if you need it - https://www.electricireland.ie/docs/code-of-practice-complaint-handling-2015/electric-ireland-complaint-charter.pdf?sfvrsn=ddcaa20d_18