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Originally posted by petros1980
Sterling bank draft purchased in Bank or Ireland branch in Monaghan. This was lodged to my bank account in Natwest UK, London. 

I've now received a letter from Natwest stating that they're treating it as an 'unpaid cheque'. 

The reason is that it was returned to them by the issuer (i.e. Bank of Ireland) due to poor image quality. How can Bank of Ireland return a draft that the bank itself has issued :confused: :confused: What's the point of a bank draft in that case....

This is really annoying. Would appreciate a response asap.

Hi petros1980,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here on Boards.ie.

In this instance, you need to ask your bank to present a clearer image of the draft when resubmitting it to us for payment. Sorry if your own bank wasn't clear about this process.