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20.06.2019 11:30 #3
Originally posted by roosdem
I moved house in November 2018 and had before always paid my Vodafone broadband. I tried contacting Vodafone asking if my account could be transferred or even put on hold, as I was moving to a temporary dwelling for a few months then on to a new house. I sent emails but never got a reply. The money was still going off my account for no- service. In desperation to talk to someone, I stopped the direct debit. And indeed, someone called me. I explained that I needed to transfer my account to a new address, I was promised a call back which never came. I sent two more emails, without reply. 
Then someone called me arranging to pick up my moded. I told them again I was hoping to transfer my account. The lady on the phone said she would inform Vodafone, but again they never contacted me. 
Now I am faced with a 700€ termination bill. I never terminated a contract, I only ever wanted my account to be transferred. Clearly, with such a bad service, I would never use Vodafone again. I will not pay the termination fee. even the lady from the debt collectors service agreed with me. 

Hi Roosdem. You are not alone. When I signed my contract Vodafone opened 2 accounts!!! 1st for fiber line and 2nd as copper line. Of course they assured me that I don`t need to pay "copper line acc" as fiber is on my estate. My calls and fights with this [ltr]incompetent[/ltr] support and this [ltr]ridiculous[/ltr] Vodafone system lasted 180 days. Than they cancelled "copper line acc" and all "debt". That was a nightmare to talk with all those [ltr]incompetent[/ltr] people. Good luck.
P.s. check my story with moving to "pay as you go" service. !!! :eek:
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