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Retyped complaint online again this morning, no special characters and still not being accepted!

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Only used letters, numbers, commas, full stops etc
I had mailed my complaint to the generic address on the 4.4.2019, and was told the mortgage query could only be queried by phone, and my complaint has not been processed by the bank, under the consumer protection code.

I have not received an acknowledgement of same within 5 days under cpc, see section 10.9 of the cpc 2012

Not accepting a complaint by email is complete rubbish, as this is considered a durable medium when communicating between a customer and financial institution.

Can you please provide an email address for me to forward my query/complaint

Thanks for getting back to us here. In this instance if you are unable to submit your complaint online it will be necessary to do this through the address or phone number provided on the link. As per our Boards charter we are unable to escalate complaints here and we do not have an email address for complaints.  Just to mention when your complaint has been received through the appropriate channels it will then be logged and responded to within the specified timeframes.

Thanks Jen