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Originally posted by scuby

I received a letter from BOI to say they had charged the incorrect since 2017 and I owed €692.85 or if I wanted to pay a lump sum I could pay €580.24. ( No explanation to say what happened in 2017 )

One of the options was to pay an additional €2.52 a month for the reminder of the mortgage, or add an additional month to the end of the mortgage
As part of this you gave a compensation amount of €0.05 !

I mailed BOI on the 4th April asking for my correspondence to be handled as a complaint, and they only replied asking me to contact the 0818 phone number, and did not acknowledge my correspondence. However, I want to communicate by e-mail, and to also have everything in writing

Under the consumer protection code, my complaint has not yet been acknowledged within 5 business days ( today being day 5) which would be a CPC breach !


Hi scuby,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here on Boards.

We are very sorry if you feel that your complaint was not addressed. Our complaints department do not communicate via email and we would be unable to accept a complaint through email as this would not be a secure channel. For security reasons we would not be in a position to discuss or disclose account sensitive information through email.

For our complaints process and to submit your complaint please see here. Please be assured that one of our investigators would be happy to look into your complaint and respond to you directly in accordance with CPC guidelines.

Please feel free to get back in touch with us if we can help you with anything else.

Thanks Jen