10.04.2019 15:34 #1
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I received a letter from BOI to say they had charged the incorrect since 2017 and I owed €692.85 or if I wanted to pay a lump sum I could pay €580.24. ( No explanation to say what happened in 2017 )

One of the options was to pay an additional €2.52 a month for the reminder of the mortgage, or add an additional month to the end of the mortgage
As part of this you gave a compensation amount of €0.05 !

I mailed BOI on the 4th April asking for my correspondence to be handled as a complaint, and they only replied asking me to contact the 0818 phone number, and did not acknowledge my correspondence. However, I want to communicate by e-mail, and to also have everything in writing

Under the consumer protection code, my complaint has not yet been acknowledged within 5 business days ( today being day 5) which would be a CPC breach !