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13.02.2019 19:14 #49
Hi Aoife,

Thanks for your reply. There is no need to hurry with those closing statements yet. I guess I will receive them soon anyway.

With regard to environmental responsibility, the problem here is that I'm talking to you as a (now former) customer to the customer support representative. This forum is for customers' issues where you're trying to help the best you can and not really a place where we can complain about the bank's policy, strategy and investments related to aforementioned environmental and in wider sense - social responsibility. Also, in this case, this environmental aspect of an issue is really a secondary one, and this thread is about customers asking for the same thing for a few years now. I believe it stopped being an issue that can be resolved by customer support (i.e. you and your colleagues here) a very long time ago.

However, if we were to talk as one employee to another, I don't want to cause any more unnecessary work for you, nor just be a nuisance. :)