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09.02.2019 23:38 #30
Hi ,
We applied in November for our water connection, we paid the €6500 .
We waited , so my husband rang and they said we didn’t have to do anything else and they’d be in touch .
We waited for another month , we rang to be told we were misinformed and we had to contact the county council and obtain lisences and subcontractors .. this was going to cost another €4000 at least . So we had to cancel that application and reapply under the new scheme , I said to hold onto the money , all the field engineer stuff had been done and just put it off the new bill.
We are now a month later, they rang to say that now they can’t keep the money and have to reimburse and re bill and repay again !
And guess what , it’s still on the field engineers desk ! We are waiting to move in , so stressful as the architect can’t issue certs Til the water is switched on so the builder won’t get paid !