04.10.2018 09:38 #39
Hello, when you say cheque from outside republic of Ireland may take longer, how long time do you exactly mean? I lodged a cashier cheque for 33.500 euros the 7th of August , I was told in the branch that it can take 4 to 6 weeks to clear, before lodging the cheque I was given al document to read where it's written 6 to 8 weeks time to clear a foreign cheque.  Now we got over the 8 weeks, i call and all they can say is that they are checking with the international department,  this is for 10 days already, so i must assume that there's no communication if the international department doesn't answer, it's like saying that a company calls his office and they don't answer!!!! I believe it's my right to know where my money are exactly and seems there's no way to know it. If I was informed that there's no time or policy to clear a cheque i wouldn't have deposit it. How do I know where my money are? I need my funds and I should know the situation in details. Thank you in advance for your answer