17.01.2018 10:49 #3
Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. The link you sent on PSD2 is legal ambiguity though, the customers in AIB don't appreciate pages like that as an explanation to a major change such as PSD2. I spoke with customer care two weeks ago at AIB and they told me on the thirteenth of January my third party accounting software on the cloud would be able to log-in to my account. To quote the person they said 'that is what we are being told'. I have given my third party accounting software explicit permission to access the account. The issue is, it can't? 
I have no idea if this is a technical issue or a security issue as AIB has never allowed third party accounting software willing access? There is no information about this on your website. All businesses and accountants are now using this software in Ireland, so I would assume AIB needs to address this on their website, with some guidance for business customers?