28.09.2017 11:21 #17
Originally posted by bimlico
Is it possible to search for all payments made to a particular destination/account over the previous 12 months? I'm just trying to establish how much I have paid to a company without having to laboriously go through 12 months statements.


Hi John,

Thanks for getting in contact with us through Boards.ie.

You can filter your transactions over the last year through the "Statements" section of your 365 online profile.
You can't however filter for a specific person or company payments but you would be able to filter through the following options.

Direct Debits/Credits
Credit transfers
Other Debits
Cash withdrawals

This may make the search for these transactions a bit easier. You can choose from these filters by clicking on the "Statements" tab on your 365 home page and the selecting the advanced button, you'll then be given a drop down menu with all the filter options given above.

I hope this is some help and thanks again for getting in touch with us.