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08.09.2017 03:57 #2
Originally posted by Haggis1990
Hi guys,

I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm currently 19 months in to my 24 month contract. I broke my phone yesterday and unfortunately I'm not insured.

I'm going to pay out the rest of my contract and look at other providers so I can get a new phone. I would still like to stay with Meteor/Eir so I'm wondering, if I pay out the rest of my contract would I be able to upgrade? I'm currently paying 55 per month.


Hi Haggis1990

as Meteor is now eir we are closing this thread but our Reps Kevin and Kyle will still be on Boards to answer your mobile queries over on the Talk to eir thread here 

This post has been forwarded to them so they can follow up tomorrow, but you can also PM me your account details

1 thank