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26.05.2017 16:09 #115
Registered User
My wife showed me texts yesterday concerned that she might be scammed.

Turned out she had clicked something on a website (argos) which looked like a legit survey/competition and entered her mobile number
(Although for first 10 minutes she insisted she had just clicked a pop-up by accident).
She had definitely not verified anything by responding to or clicking the links in text messages received.

Having rung VF to try and have the service stopped, I received only the same (very frustrating and unhelpful) advice as is in this thread, send a text saying stop, and/or escalate to ComReg.
The messages received, had no phone number associated, so I could not reply directly. VF was also unable to advise if there was any phone number  on these messages.
After searching the named service on ComReg I found a 5 digit number to text, and have had no further messages or confirmation since last night. Will only know in next few days if the messages have stopped.

DO VF really have no ability to view the usage of a bill pay customer before the point that a bill is generated at the end of the month?
I find this very difficult to believe.

Most Baffling; the VF agent was unable to advise if there was a cost associated to the texts received, or if they were in fact premium texts (?!?), and said I would have to wait until my (my wife's) bill was issued at end of the month.

I may have managed to stop the texts, I still do not know; and I also have no idea if costs will have been incurred.
I understand that these 'services' operate as businesses, and due to having T&C's etc, which the user is seen to have signed up to, there is very little argument after the fact.
There is a fine line between a scam, and an unwanted paid service which prays on un-savvy (and some savvy) peoples gullibility and goodwill. (actually other than the fact these are somehow legally registered companies, I cannot see a difference).
However, I do find it disturbing that as a network provider you do not have an option or capability to allow customers to opt out of the possibility to use these services. I would also like the option to put a block on my phone (and on my children's phones when that comes about) to disable dialling or texting to any standard premium numbers (5 digit codes; 1890; 1850 etc)

It may not be in the interest of the network financially to block premium rate numbers upon request, but I can guarantee it would increase customer satisfaction and retention (if these things matter anymore).
Are these 'services' allowed to 'sell' to children? If not, is there a system in place that allows parents to block such numbers.

Oh, and also, when I kept asking for solutions on the phone, after a small pause I was asked: "Can I interest you in Vodafone Red, or any of our Home Services Packages", in a tone, that made me actually think was I being offered a solution to the problem.
But no, the agent, had somehow decided mid complaint to try and turn my call into a sales pitch :eek::mad:
Seriously?!? Do not try to sell me additional services while I am questioning your competence in delivering the ones I already have.

I am aware that I have said on here before, that I 'm looking for alternative providers, and I am. I did move for a brief period in the past, but was forced to come back due to family reliance on VF to VF deals.
Happily, I think all the reliant ppl have since moved to bill or other networks, so I will be looking into alternatives for myself and my wife immediately.