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22.05.2017 11:20 #104
Yeah I only got 5 messages, they refunded me for six

I think the time i wasted on them is worth a lot more :(

Here is the email reply

They clearly state they can get my number if I am on 3g

I was googling something to do with card sharing when I got an additional for tescos that was difficult to close, it filled the whole screen and I bet touching the screen was the verifying they mentioned

Many thanks for your enquiry. I can confirm that any billing attempts made have been due to a purchase made on the GamesMania mobile entertainment video streaming service containing unlimited apps, games and videos. Billing is requested when customers make a purchase on the service in exchange for 7 days unlimited access to all video content (including browsing and streaming). For billing to occur, you would have had to enter your phone number (or be automatically identified by browsing the service via your carrier's 3G connection) and verify your purchase request. Upon this validation, your request would have initiated a premium billing request for €15 (6x€2.50) in return for the 7 days access described above. 
For your peace of mind, I can confirm that this service is not a subscription service and no repeat billing will occur unless an additional purchase is explicitly initiated.