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Baby and crumble gave some good information there which is exactly what I would point to too. As I'm the boards.ie rep for the party, not in charge of policy, I'll mostly point you to relevant parts of the manifesto or speeches made by our TDs in the Dáil, as that is our official policy and position on these various issues.

You have quite a few questions in your original post, so if you want to unpack any that I don't answer here into more detailed questions, please do.

1. We're calling for a referendum to repeal of the 8th amendment as soon as possible. You can read more here https://socialdemocrat...-the-8th-amendment/)

2. "ordinary public paying billionaire bondholders and speculators private debts". We are not in favour of this. For example, see http://stephendonnelly.ie/article-paying-e1-1bn-to-bondholders-is-con-job/

3. "rip off car insurance" - Reducing the Cost of living was a key focus of our election manifesto and something we're working very hard to get the Government to focus on. This includes insurance, child care, housing and many other areas. Here's more information - http://socialdemocrats...rance-costs-soaring/

4. We introduced a Private Members Bill aimed at tackling unregulated charities and reforming the sector, which has been accepted and supported by the Government. (https://socialdemocrat...ion-charity-sector/) 
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