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Originally posted by Giacomo McGubbin
I rather hear what the social democrats have to say, not some panicing stalker, there's a good lad.

They will give you a political answer. Possibly obfuscating your selected definitive questions. They will refer you to their manifesto which will make vague promises that don't really satisfy you one way or the other. Just as fianna fail, fianna gael, labour or any other one of the parties that seek power. They seek power, not your specific questions. They seek support.

Any one of them will tell you they will represent you. But you know that already or you wouldn't be so antagonistic in your question.

Society dictates policy, parties follow the norm. We want abortion, we don't want bondholders to profit from our labour, we want charities to pay the people we contribute towards a fair amount but we also know they don't.

Doesn't matter what party you pull up on these issues. They will go with the norm. That's where the votes are. Norm is a bollox for those who don't subscribe.
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