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Water charges for excessive usage

Its just the start of the process of reintroducing universal water charges by stealth. The intention to push through water charges within Fine Gael hasn't gone away, they just let the fuss die down, then devised a way of reintroducing them on the quiet. They've reasoned that nobody could oppose cha

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Iconic TV Show Lines

This tape will self destruct in five seconds. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you. Lets be careful out there.. Lets do it to them before they do it to us Who loves ya baby ?

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Oakland Raiders Thread

Relief is a good word to describe how I feel about last nights' picks too. Hopefully they will all become week one starters and move the defence in particular, forward. My only reservation is about whether we needed to draft a running back in the first round, especially one, who wasn't a massive sta

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2019 Nfl Draft

Rapoport was just stirring the pot, NFL Network's own Daniel Jeremiah tweeted the following in response to this story "When I started scouting in 2003, most teams allowed scouts and coaches to see the draft board. By 2012, most teams only allowed 3-4 people (HC/GM/Personnel Director/College Director

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Oakland Raiders Thread

I disagree, I think its a terrible schedule, its bad enough that in terms of opponents they have the strongest strength of schedule of any team in the league, but in terms of actual playing schedule, it must be one of the toughest ever and is a final slap in the face for Oaklands' home fans. Has any

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Oakland Raiders Thread

I'm very nervous about this years' draft, because I see it as the most crucial draft in the next nine years(the remaining length of Jon Grudens' contract). I think it will tell us whether Gruden can listen to his GM Mike Mayock and resist the temptation to take the players that give him some new off

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Win a €100 One4all Gift Card and €20 Christmas Stamp Booklet from An Post

Got a card from the USA from a relative we hadn't seen in years saying "see you next week", and they arrived in a surprise last minute trip

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Oakland Raiders Thread

It feels very strange tonight, that going into the very last Battle of the Bay, both teams are more engaged in the Nick Bosa sweepstake, than the battle for a playoff berth. As a fan you want your team to win, but apart from a few months local bragging rights, winning tonight may hurt the team long

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Oakland Raiders Thread

The recent rumours suggesting that the Raiders were looking to trade Amari Cooper seem to have been confirmed as are reporting that they have traded Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a 2019 first round draft pick. I'm a little disappointed to see him go, but he has never been a dominant No 1

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Oakland Raiders Thread

The news doesn't look much better this weekend, with rookie starting LT Kolton Miller still wearing a knee brace, Osemele seems likely to miss the game so backup Jon Felliciano will start for just the 6th time in his career in his place at LG, Centre Rodney Hudson and RG Gabe Jackson missed practice

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Oakland Raiders Thread

What I found most depressing was, when in possession in the 4th quarter and three scores down, they were still huddling up,then wandering up to the line and running 30 seconds off the clock on every play. There was no hurry up or up tempo offence, no urgency from the players on the field or Gruden o

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Do companies care about sales lost through a poor social media presence ?

I am aware that many companies use third parties to run their Facebook/Twitter pages for them, but I wonder how many of them realise how much damage a poorly run page can cause. I am assuming/hoping that my experiences were the result of such third party run social media, as I would hate to think t

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Oakland Raiders Thread

The D line were certainly gassed in the 4th quarter, but that was partially of the Raiders own making. They only arrived in Denver on Saturday, and so made no effort to acclimatise to the altitude, their playcalling in the second half was far too conservative(too many inside runs on first down that

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Oakland Raiders Thread

They were hopefully keeping the best till last , but it made the weekend a bit of an anti-climax for Raider fans, still at least the Bears lost(though Mack did his best in limited action). Tonights' game is a pretty daunting one for Oakland and may not tell us much, as the Rams are built to win now

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Oakland Raiders Thread

Not wishing to suggest a conspiracy or anything(!), but it was reported that, of the 27 players on the Raider roster at the start of the year that had been drafted by Reggie McKenzie, just 10 now remain(so 17 have been cut or traded since the end of last season). With last years' 7th round pick defe

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