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13" Chassis

TEM: 13" chassis POST\COLLECTION: Can Collect PRICE: ?? PAYMENT METHODS: Cash preferably working !:D

3 weeks in Marketplace Archive by BrownFinger 2 Replies 84 Views

4" pipe

Have a pond project coming up soon, the filter has a 4" inlet. Is 4" pipe easy to get here or will I have to get 110mm and use adapters ? Thanks

1 month, 2 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by BrownFinger

Block built garage cost

Posted this in the wrong forum yesterday. How much should a block build double garage cost? Pitched tiled roof. No doors needed,no internal finish. Approx 40sqm Thanks

1 month, 3 weeks in Construction & Planning by BrownFinger 7 Replies

Block build Garage cost

Hi Guys How much should I expect to pay for a block built double garage with tiled roof. No internal finishing. No door needed 1/2 windows. Thanks

1 month, 3 weeks in Building Regulations & Legislation by BrownFinger 2 Replies

Home brew pinball

Check out this WIP by riot pinball, looks like they are putting serious effort into it

2 months in Arcade & Retro by BrownFinger 58 Views 3 Thanks

Arcade 3/4 up!

A good while back(years :D). I picked up a new in box 13" wells gardener monitor off a member here. Decided to scale down a pacman cabinet to fit it. Here where i am so far.I need to get the glass before I can go any further. Original pacman coin door.Also some nice details like the caster and power

2 months in Arcade & Retro by BrownFinger 18 Replies 630 Views 10 Thanks

Non smart electric blinds

I know there is a thread on the upcoming Ikea smart blinds. I am looking into electric (non smart,no wifi,bluetooth etc) just IR. Anybody tried any of the kits similar to this one,

2 months, 1 week in Home Automation & Internet of Things (IOT) by BrownFinger

Main car & classic discount insurer

Any company offer both daily and classic ? I'm getting absolutely rode on my daily (mk5 gti) and need to insure the classic too :(

2 months, 2 weeks in Classic Cars by BrownFinger 10 Replies

NeoGeo one slots for spare/repair

ITEM: Neo geo one slot mobos X 2 POST\COLLECTION: either or PRICE: 30e PAYMENT METHODS:Paypal\Cash\Postal Order\Bank Transfer I have two, one has a video ram error. The other is a garbled screen reboot loop 30 for the both. can parcel motel etc

2 months, 2 weeks in Marketplace Archive by BrownFinger 86 Views

Powered ceiling speaker

Is there such thing as a ceiling speaker (pair) that have the amp etc built in? Ideally with aux for a chrome cast. Would like to fit something in the kitchen and not have any thing taking up space. I'd even fit a wall plate with a volume/input selecter. Cheers

2 months, 2 weeks in Audio Amplifiers & Speakers by BrownFinger

Fern tree

I'd like to buy one as a gift for someone. I've only seen them in johnstown garden center. Has anyone seen them for sale anywhere else? Thansk

3 months, 3 weeks in Gardening by BrownFinger 2 Replies

Utilities box on house

Looking at a house and it has this awful (recently installed ) box on it. Building is from the 1830s and this sticks out like a sore thumb, Anyone know the ins and outs regarding them? Looks like virgin fiber. Not pictures is a cable running down to the ground with a metal guard covering it. Thanks

4 months, 1 week in Accommodation & Property by BrownFinger 5 Replies

What oil for the old girl

74 bmw 2002, What do you recomend ? Thanks

4 months, 1 week in Classic Cars by BrownFinger 44 Replies

17k to spend with 80k commute

Whats my options here? hope to sell the misuses audi a3 soon and have one electric and one petrol. Havent a clue about EVs but can fit a home charger. Also is 3 phase charging a possibly ? Thanks

4 months, 2 weeks in Electric Vehicles & Hybrids by BrownFinger 20 Replies

Chrome style powder coating

I have a bmw 2002, the waistline trim ,the "chrome" that wraps the car above the indicator in this pic (not my car!) has seen better days. A new set is nearly 1500e so thats not happening but I got an almost complete set off

5 months in Classic Cars by BrownFinger 17 Replies 60 Views 1 Thank