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What is the healthiest meat and bread to make a sandwich with?

in the bread should be 100% of bran, then the body displays it and we do not recover, it is also better to add salad and chicken, you can also have a tomato, but you need to be careful with cheese

1 year, 8 months in Nutrition & Diet by Ella29 141 Replies 16,440 Views

Getting more done

You do not even know how much I agree with you on this issue

1 year, 8 months in Lifehacking by Ella29 11 Replies 5,015 Views 1 Thank

weight loss

Find yourself such a job or occupation, perhaps volunteering, so that you simply do not have time for food or thoughts about it. There will be only snacks. A slender body is a side effect of the right mindset and way of life. And the search for reasons and diet is a departure from real life. Maybe i

1 year, 8 months in Lifehacking by Ella29 15 Replies 1,416 Views

2018 goals

I will be happy to lose 8 kilos, now I am 55

1 year, 8 months in Fitness by Ella29 91 Replies 2,579 Views 1 Thank

Movie Identification (Post here if you're looking for the name of a movie)

I want to find the names of the film about monsters in the desert who lived underground and reacted to noise and electrical appliances

1 year, 8 months in Films by Ella29 3,699 Replies 333,924 Views

Amazon Video purchases

Regarding your question, I think that VPN will cope

1 year, 8 months in Films by Ella29 3 Replies 131 Views