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Which number to call

Hi,  A fraud report was filed yesterday about my debit card. I need to speak with someone working on this as soon as possible. Can someone here advise which number to call thanks. Should this be taken directly with the Fraud Inspection company? If so how can i contact them. Thanks

4 months in Bank of Ireland by kanadams123 1 Reply

What is the name of this book?

EDIT Never Mind, I woke up at 3am lastnight when the name of the booked popped into my head! The Snowmelt River

4 months, 3 weeks in Literature by kanadams123 35 Views

GRO Research Facilitiy Roscommon

I am planning to visit the reasearch facility at GRO Roscommon. Am i able to view all records after 1922 there? Or how does it work. Up to what year can i look at the records?

7 months, 2 weeks in Genealogy by kanadams123 12 Replies access denied

Hi all, I did a quick google search of an ancestors name and her obituary came up, appearing on the website When i click in to the link, an error 16 appears "Request blocked by security rules" I think this is due to my location in Ireland? Is there anyone on boards living in the

9 months, 2 weeks in Genealogy by kanadams123 5 Replies

1000 to 1

Hi, I am having trouble tracking down some ancestors. The family was born in West Cork, Ireland, (9 born, 7 living in 1911 census) I have their civil record births from and the civil death of two of these. After that, i have lost them, which would suggest they may have emigrated

10 months in Genealogy by kanadams123 5 Replies 167 Views 1 Thank

1911 Orphanage

Hi, Is there any such thing as a list of people in an orphanage in Cork on the 1911 Census? Or any such records elsewhere. What places like these existed in 1911 does anyone know? Any help much appreciated!

10 months, 1 week in Genealogy by kanadams123 3 Replies

Viewing Leaving Cert Scripts

Hi, Is there anyone on here who viewed some of their leaving cert scripts in August/September after their exams? I plan to have a look at one or two, depending on results this year. What is the procedure? I know i have to pay to get them rechecked but do i have to pay to view them? Also on the da

10 months, 2 weeks in Leaving Cert by kanadams123 17 Replies

LC Second Hand Books

Hi, I am wondering what the best place to sell Second hand leaving Cert books are. I have already listed them on, but i'm not sure how i would collect the money if someone were interested and i would have to post them. I don't have else would i collect money? Thanks

10 months, 3 weeks in Online Buying & Auctions by kanadams123 3 Replies

Newspaper Lookup Request

Hi all, so its usually after your subscription expires you think of all the things you could have looked up!! Is there anyone with a current subscription that could look up 2 or 3 obituaries for me? Ill send the details in PM as family members may still be living. Thanks

11 months, 1 week in Genealogy by kanadams123 5 Replies

Irish Examiner 2006

HI relation to the online irishnewsarchives online, the Irish Examiner for 2006 was not available online, however i was in contact with them and these records will be available soon....during the summer anyway..hopes are for the end of june! They have told me they have already digested them

12 months in Genealogy by kanadams123 1 Reply 11 Views 1 Thank

Irish LC HL Paper 1

Hi all! Any predicted topics on what might come up for essay topics tomorrow for HL Irish? Maybe something on international relations?

11 months, 2 weeks in Leaving Cert by kanadams123 6 Replies

African (Kenya) Records

Hi, so i recently found out that my grand-aunt and her husband owned a plantation (presumbably coffee!) In Kenya during the 1950's onwards, up untill her husband died of Malaria and she moved back to UK with her 2 children where they all currently live. They had two daughters, the eldest which was b

11 months, 3 weeks in Genealogy by kanadams123 5 Replies

DYNASTY netflix

Does anyone know why there are only 13 episodes of Dynasty on Netflix? I finished watching them last week and was under the impression that was the end of the season , but i am just after finding out that there are 18 episodes in season 1 altogether!

1 year, 1 month in Television (General) by kanadams123 2 Replies

SUSI Application via MyGovID

Right so, i have just started my SUSI grant application with my parents and i already have a question!!!!! I don't have a MyGovID account, neither do my parents (TBH i'm not 100% sure what it is) but it says it would be easier to apply through this. My mother wants to register a SUSI account oppose

1 year, 1 month in Leaving Cert by kanadams123 1 Reply

Which Course to Choose for college! PLEASE HELP

Hey guys, im not sure if there is a more suited forum for this so feel free to move it if necessary! LONG POST ALERT!!!!!! So basically what CAO courses in college would suit me if i love both Science and Business? I don't know how to choose between science and business courses....I love Biology a

1 year, 1 month in Leaving Cert by kanadams123 9 Replies