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Dawn Chorus Day

Thanks to another Boardsie for sending me a PM reminder on this. RTE Radio are doing their annual marathon broadcast again this weekend. Always a joy to hear and very informative. It might also teach some people a few of the more common songs and calls. I had reports of Cuckoo and Sky Lark a

2 weeks, 4 days in Nature & Bird Watching by Srameen 6 Replies 43 Views 4 Thanks

Elvis Presley to face trial.

It appears the king is, indeed, not dead and is Irish to boot. News reporting of the trial should lend itself to many puns and song references. Jailhouse Rock may be the finale

2 months, 1 week in After Hours by Srameen 21 Replies 316 Views 4 Thanks

Any other candidates for Olympic Sports? Breakdancing has been proposed for inclusion at the 2024 Olympics. What's next? Ballroom dancing? Moonhopper obstacle course races? Video games? Ludo? Poker? Slow bicycle race? When is an activity a sport that warrants Olympic status and not an art for

2 months, 4 weeks in After Hours by Srameen 44 Replies

Shared Birth Dates

Do you share a birth date (day month and year) with anybody famous and are you anything like them? In my case, the only one I'm aware of was Geoffrey Hughes who played Onslow in Keeping Up Appearance and Eddie Yeats in Coronation Street. I don't think I share any of his traits; at least not the

5 months, 2 weeks in After Hours by Srameen 27 Replies 630 Views 2 Thanks

Composting with no lawn clippings

With this drought and the lack of grass growth, how are you keeping the compost bin going without the addition of lawn clippings? I've got reasonable growth but have mulched it all back to the lawn, given the present conditions. The compost bins always seemed to benefit from the heat of some grass c

10 months in Gardening by Srameen 20 Replies

Trivial things that make you happy - Part 2 - The Happyning Watching these wonderful mums and their children made me smile and brought a tearfully happy memory of my late ever loving cousin. Happy to see how our society has moved on for the good

1 year, 1 month in After Hours by Srameen 8,382 Replies 307,676 Views 34 Thanks

Today something made me realise I was getting older

There was a branch of a tree needed cutting back. Too high for a stepladder. A few years ago I would have climbed up with a pruning saw in hand but today I decided it was beyond me. What, today, said to you " hey, not any more" or "That means you're old"?

1 year, 1 month in Oulwans 'n' Oulfellas by Srameen 81 Replies 2,780 Views 4 Thanks

E4 Scrambled

Hi, On astra 2A satellite, E4 is tonight showing "scrambled". Has it moved or something?

12 months in Satellite by Srameen 9 Replies

Pheasant Berry

AKA Leycesteria formosa or Himalayan honeysuckle. Anybody else have this? I have several but the constant pruning out of dead wood does my head in. Do you cut out all the dead tips and branches or has anybody just left it. Mine are quite mature and woody. Should I really just prune the whole thin

1 year in Gardening by Srameen 8 Replies 1 View

Naked Gun What will be next? Often referred to as the greatest open air asylum in the world. With good cause it would appear

1 year in After Hours by Srameen 18 Replies 498 Views 1 Thank

Ross accidentally votes against his own Road Traffic Bill in the Dáil So Minister Ross accidently votes against his own bill. He realised he had pressed the wrong button and immediately had the record amended. Firstly, is there a case that votes in the past had been passed, or failed, becau

1 year, 4 months in After Hours by Srameen 15 Replies 731 Views 5 Thanks

End of an era

The last survivor of the 19th Century has died aged 117. What an age! And, it seems, a rather sad life at times.

2 years, 1 month in After Hours by Srameen 46 Replies 2,795 Views 42 Thanks

Pay as you go

How long do you have after buying a top up before you have to activate it?

1 year, 2 months in Vodafone by Srameen 1 Reply

Trapped on the Big Wheel in Galway

It seems people have been stuck on the big wheel in Galway for over an hour. It seized up just after the Christmas lights were turned on. A bit of craic for older people perhaps but I doubt any young children will be overly happy. Would you be confident enough to step out of the cabin on to a fire

1 year, 6 months in After Hours by Srameen 22 Replies

Getting Value of building PAYG Credit

I am a pensioner with a fairly basic, and aging, smartphone. I rarely use it and have it mostly for emergencies. I would send a couple of texts per month only. As Vodafone insist on topping up every 6 months, and now don't give top ups of less than €10, the credit has begun to build up. Is there a

1 year, 6 months in Mobiles by Srameen 2 Replies