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Storm Hannah : Fri 26 - Sat 27 April 2019

Worth noting that the Fastnet wind sensor is near the top of the tower - quite high above sea level

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Dublin City and Greater area – Danger points

A map of these would be interesting. I'd say a lot of the main routes and anywhere there is more than one lane will feature. For me, N4/M50 flyover inbound and outbound. I use the bike lane inbound when I go that way and just don't go near the area coming outbound any more. Victoria quay as ma

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Cycling in this 'storm'

I walked outside at 6:30 and thought I'd cycle. Met Éireann showed wind picking up after my commute and easing before the cycle home. Got dressed in my cycling gear, got the kids up, saw a tree blowing sideways in the garden and cursed my timing. Drove in and it took longer than the cycle. I'm

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Camping for papal visit

You'd probably get the best answer here... The OPW is operating a helpline from Monday 20 August - Monday 27 August from 9-5pm on 01-2228888

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Grand Canal Cycle Path - Be Careful

I don't think it's just the kissing gates. It serves as a current focal point but if those gougers are intent on having their fun by intimidating people or robbing them, then they can easily force somebody off a bike or get up to other things that I can imagine. The gates are probably useful in

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Sucker punched to the head

I'm planning a different route myself, though the opposite direction. I've found that the only quiet nights are the ones where it's actively raining. I had one night last year when it was dark but dry and as I was approaching the gates, I could see them there and when I decided not to proceed (bas

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Tell us about your cycle today, part II

I've been using the grand canal cycle path in the morning and avoiding it in the evening because of the scumbags. Now I'm not so sure about the morning. The main alternative for me is the Long Mile Road. In the evening traffic is usually stationary so not much of a problem. It's a bit of a race

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Sucker punched to the head

Scumbags. I had noticed the glass (and requested it be cleaned) but hadn't thought it to be that malicious

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Too slow to join a club. How to get faster?

You could increase your cycle to work. You don't have to take the most direct route so leave 15 mins earlier and add a few Km on to it. Especially with this weather - it's practically sucking people onto bikes!

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Cleaning Your Chain Degreaser

I might give that a go...see if it cleans the degreaser up at all. I'd say any deep-seated lube is pretty washed away at this stage anyway with plenty of wet cycles and cleaning

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Cleaning Your Chain Degreaser

I've considered it but always thought it to be a bit more work...especially during dirty winter weather where I might be cleaning the chain more than once a week. What's the drill - an old bottle, white spirits in it, give it a shake and leave it for 15 mins or so? Do you rinse the white spirits o

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Cleaning Your Chain Degreaser

My chain degreaser (box) is scruffy after lots of use and the brushes inside don't do much surface cleaning. Is there any trick to cleaning the degreaser or should it be considered 'consumable' and replaced when it gets to such a stage? It's a Halfords one in case that makes any odds

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Boards Jersey Sightings

Met and had a chat with ScreenSaver this morning. Nice to make your acquaintance!

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Dangerous - cycling in Dublin City Centre

I would say people fearful of the north quays are either the cyclists who don't cycle sensibly around buses etc. - trying to undertake them when approaching a stop and the like - and people who see some cyclists doing this kind of very risky behaviour. Cycle sensibly and I think it's a great stretc

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New Met Éireann Website (beta)

First glance - I love it. I really like it. It's a much fresher look and the things that I'd go to click on first are there on the home page (RADAR and short range forecasts). Images load very quickly from that right-hand menu, so it feels really nice to use. Well done and thank you!

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