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Traffic lights in Athlone town centre

Yep lights are back on and it's absolute bedlam again

5 years, 3 months in Westmeath by triskell 21 Replies 251 Views

Wind Farms


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Broadband The Pigeons area

you might be lucky and be in a location with good coverage but generally its very poor and there are a few black spots with only satellite connection as the only option, I'm in the area 12 years and was told I would have an eircom broadband within 3 months. I'm still using a vodafone dongle. I ge

5 years, 5 months in Westmeath by triskell 2 Replies 52 Views 1 Thank

none of our business.

Ah lads come on. Should we be talking about this on a public forum. it was a good pub in it's time

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Recommend restaurant in Athlone (with fish on menue)

"Yes it is. Don't drive out. Barracuda Boat trips will bring you out there...They run a river taxi service" jez that is a silly name, since when did we have barracuda in lough Ree

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Time to boycott Isaraeli products


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pro boots soles

The boots are waterproof and very comfortable but the soles don't last they will crumble away. I got caught on Lug a few years ago, soles were fine starting but in ****e at the top, by the time i got down the hard outer rubber was gone and the foam inner was flittered, if i had any further to go i

5 years, 9 months in Shooting by triskell 12 Replies 608 Views 1 Thank

Home Security

I have used and recommend these guys FTS Security Solutions Ltd based in Athlone in business over 10 years. contact details 090 6444334 or

5 years, 10 months in Westmeath by triskell 8 Replies 1,257 Views

suzuki grand vitara or similar

I second that, I had o6 vitara from new, I had it for 5 years, counted the days tilll i paid of the loan to get rid of the bast*rd. dpf issues (it dosent like irish diesel or our style of driving) electrical problems, air con issues, bitch on diesel (thirtyish) 4 and 5 gear to close together. might

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Landscapers in Athlone/Moate

I have used a local guy,Cyril Friel he's been doing it for last 20 odd years, not a chancer type, small operation but solid and realistic prices

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I think they have made a good start to changing the contracts. it's a lot more difficult to do the full 21 now, you need to be doing the courses and proving your worth. instead of just of keeping your head down and punching in the time. it had to be done the amount of ahem, larger soldiers was unrea

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[More mis-information re military affairs. There's no full pension for 21 yrs Service, but there IS a partial pension after that time. It's part of the contract between the soldier and the State. The soldier gives his Country twenty one years of his/her life - full time - and, if he/she gives

5 years, 11 months in Military by triskell 19 Replies 1,520 Views

Full Pension

yeah retire at 38 with a full pension, what's sad about that? and you can still work. yeah it's terrible position tobe in:rolleyes

5 years, 11 months in Military by triskell 19 Replies 1,520 Views

google app engine versus dreamweaver

hi folks? need a little guidance I have a little experience with website design but it's 5-6 years since I made a wage from it. I got tasked with setting up a basic website for a charity group I'm involved in, free of course,:rolleyes: time is short so another member offered to do it for me, on

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Source for: army retirement cast statue gift

Ta very much

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