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Arcade PCBs - What have you got?

All this talk of arcade PCBs, seems some people have some serious collections, I tend to only buy games I actually play and almost always buy them as non workers. Here's what I can remember I own off the top of my head but I'm sure I've at least 10 more, what have you got? Cabs: Defender setup as m

1 month, 3 weeks in Arcade & Retro by CathalDublin 48 Replies 1,072 Views 9 Thanks

Commodore 64 Mini

ITEM: C64 Mini New in box, plugged in once and has been boxed back up and sat on a shelf since its release date almost a year ago. POST\COLLECTION: post\Collection PRICE: €50 open to trade for NES mini or any SNES/NES/Arcade items to same value PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal\Cash\Revolut

2 months, 1 week in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 92 Views

Isolation Transformer for CRT

ITEM: Looking for an isolation transformer, not sure if these are specific for a CRT size/brand but one for a 20" Hantarex or Wells Gardner will do POST\COLLECTION: Collection would obviously be best due to their weight so somewhere not far from Dublin or off the M7 would suit PRICE: cheap please :)

2 months, 3 weeks in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 1 Reply 72 Views

Dataeast Pinball cabinet - suit virtual pinball

ITEM:Original Dataeast LW3 pinball cabinet & Backbox PRICE: 120 LOCATION: Donabate POST\COLLECTION: Collection Donabate, will fit in a hatchback car. Included: Cabinet & backbox Side rails Coin door(no mechanism) Lockdown mechanism(no lockdown bar) Start switch Flipper buttons Gun/ball launcher not

3 months in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 20 Replies 380 Views 2 Thanks

Williams Cyclone Pinball

ITEM: Williams Cyclone Pinball machine, I'm just testing the waters here, I'm still not 100% sure if I want to do this and probably no interest here but I'm thinking of swapping for a different machine, I'm only looking for System11 or newer games, NO EMs or pre-System 11, I don't mind a project big

6 months, 2 weeks in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 2 Replies 76 Views 2 Thanks

Yoke for 19/21" Hantarex CRT

Description:Long shot but would anyone have a yoke for a hantarex Polo CRT? Price:Not sure, what do you want? Location:Dublin, post if possible

7 months, 3 weeks in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 7 Replies 158 Views

JAMMA Cabinet

Description:Looking for cheap JAMMA cabinet, nothing fancy just needs a solid box with working CRT Location:Willing to collect anywhere in Ireland Price:up to €300 possibly more depending on condition

8 months, 2 weeks in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 3 Replies 65 Views

Retro gamer magazine or similar

ITEM: Looking for a couple of retro gamer magazines or any magazines with old NES/SNES/Megadrive/N64/Arcade/etc games in them to do a decoupage on a table I have in the shedcade. Any condition will do as they'll be getting cut up. POST\COLLECTION: Post please# PRICE: cheap PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal

10 months in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 83 Views

Sony 32” CRT

[ITEM]Sony 32” CRT [PRICE]Freebie, I’m gonna regret this in a couple years. [COLLECTION]Must be collected in Donabate. [DESCRIPTION] Very good condition complete with remote control, I will get the model number and a photo later tonight. Heavy ****er, I’ve a back injury so cannot meet elsewhere but

1 year, 1 month in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 21 Replies 568 Views 6 Thanks

Black Textured T Moulding

Description: I'm looking for some black textured T Moulding 7meters should do the trick Price: Name your price, could also swap for smooth red T Moulding, or maybe something else, arcade buttons;) Location: Dublin but post is fine

1 year, 3 months in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 67 Views


ITEM: Hardly used. It's the newer model with the video amp. This is the original Aussie version. RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi JAMMA adaptor that converts a RPi into a true JAMMA board, intended for you to do whatever it is you want with. No modification to your JAMMA cab is required. There is a

1 year, 10 months in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 5 Replies 22 Views 3 Thanks

12month Sky Fibre Unlimited Special price

Hi, My 12month Sky Fibre Unlimited&Talk contract @€35/month is up 18th Oct and my bill is going to increase to €57. Is the only way for me to continue at this price to cancel my BB&Talk and sign up again at the new special offer price of €30 again?

1 year, 7 months in Sky Ireland by CathalDublin 16 Replies

SF2 CE Arcade CPO artwork

Would anyone know where I'd get the SF2 CE CPO in an illustrator/photoshop file or any format for that matter that I can remove the p1/p2, maybe move the other elements about to match my panel, the holes are already predrilled on my machine and it "Should" be easier to modify the artwork than weld u

1 year, 10 months in Arcade & Retro by CathalDublin 1 Reply 4 Views


Description: I'm looking for black 3/4" T-moulding, preferable Matt finish, approx 7meters. Anyone have any? I've also 10meters of red there if anyone fancies a swap Location: Not important

1 year, 10 months in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 1 Reply 217 Views

JAMMA Cabinet

Item: Looking for a generic jamma cab, nothing fancy, must have working CRT, nothing else really that important once it's in decent enough cosmetic condition. Location: Preferably Dublin or close by Price: €200-300 condition depending, Will pay more if there is a decent multi game with it

2 years in Marketplace Archive by CathalDublin 5 Replies 441 Views