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Why do scaldies say “the darts” or “the golf”

If a Scaldy is a young chick that makes sense, but only if you consider all chicks to be hoors, which might be considered a little misogynistic

1 day in After Hours by kowloon 79 Replies 4,191 Views

Fathers day. Respect the cock.

Don't let them dress you up like a giant cock.

2 days, 1 hour in After Hours by kowloon 24 Replies 1,758 Views


Grey Crows, Jackdaws, Rooks, Magpies and other Corvids are pretty smart, which ones are best at remembering people I'm not sure, but they can and do have their favourites

2 days, 7 hours in After Hours by kowloon 89 Replies 3,041 Views

Iran Did Do It..............says Trump

Stalin agreed to join the war against Japan once Germany was out of the picture at a conference held in Tehran. All the pieces are falling together. It was the lizard people all along!

3 days, 3 hours in After Hours by kowloon 170 Replies 3,562 Views 1 Thank

Iran Did Do It..............says Trump

They may not have been the principal power in the European theatre but they sure as fcuk were in the Pacific. As bad as America can be it doesn't make Russia the good guys

4 days in After Hours by kowloon 170 Replies 7,182 Views 19 Thanks


Give the starlings their own feeder, times are hard for Starlings. Your dog is either fed too much or doesn't enjoy the food you're giving them enough

4 days, 2 hours in After Hours by kowloon 89 Replies 2,371 Views

Is landlord taking advantage of my partner??

Unless this cat is a mountain lion or the chickens are bantams I would weigh heavily on the side of it never happening. These false flag posters need to put more time into establishing the lore before jumping into the main adventure. You could have not mentioned the dole in the opening post and lef

4 days, 2 hours in Accommodation & Property by kowloon 42 Replies 1,199 Views


I like the anticipation. Will they or won't they indicate? Will they miss their turn but plought accross a lane to try for it anyway? It makes people appreciate life more

4 days, 3 hours in After Hours by kowloon 74 Replies 385 Views 2 Thanks

Anyone else worried about the sexualisation of black bodies?

The one that gets me is 'dong'. Dong is clearly not a term meant to sexualise black men, the fact that black men are much more likely to have a dong is down to dong being a a classification that is based on size. Black men having dongs is objective fact based on observation, some white men such as m

4 days, 4 hours in After Hours by kowloon 68 Replies 3,233 Views 1 Thank


I don't think there are any join dates from when the forum was first set up, the earliest join date you'll see is from some time after that

4 days, 23 hours in After Hours by kowloon 44 Replies 1,436 Views

About them vegans lads

I like to think looking at other animals can shine light on the way we behave. I'm really enjoying the fresh feeling of being up at 5am for an early breakfast and then shouting at the rising sun

4 days, 23 hours in After Hours by kowloon 384 Replies 9,138 Views 1 Thank

Jo Brand under police investigation

They're fine as long as you're dilligent and have your content approved by the ministry of humour. It also helps to have an up to date twitter licence with a current copy of your rectal scan

4 days, 23 hours in After Hours by kowloon 250 Replies 4,870 Views

Am I the only person offended by Paloma Faith on Graham Norton?

I seem to remember there being a thing years ago where some woman showed a picture she had taken under the side of a mens shower and people saying if it had been a picture of women it wouldn't have been aired. Sure that was Graham Norton too. Either way, it's nothing new

4 days, 23 hours in After Hours by kowloon 130 Replies 7,652 Views

book quotes that give the title away

All the days had been nice. There had been rather more than seven of them so far, and rain hadn't been invented yet. But clouds massing east of Eden suggested that the first thunderstorm was on its way, and it was going to be a big one

5 days, 1 hour in After Hours by kowloon 120 Replies 1,979 Views 1 Thank

About them vegans lads

My rooster does that. Often I just give him the treats and he passes them on to the hens one by one. I like to do it that way as he feels he's contributing that way. They have a very distinct noise they make when they're trying to gather the rest around some good food. I've also had chickens who wou

5 days, 13 hours in After Hours by kowloon 384 Replies 7,539 Views 2 Thanks