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Planned city centre facelift. Hey all. What's your take on this? Personally, with how things went in the past, I'm somewhat dreading it

8 months, 3 weeks in Galway City by Your Face 33 Replies


I travel a lot with work. Well now I'm moving house because I will be based in my current office/site for at least a year. I'm looking around and rents are insane. Not just a bit expensive but egregiously extortionate. There are complete sweatboxes being called luxury apartments. Rent pressure

1 year in After Hours by Your Face 361 Replies 19,507 Views 9 Thanks

Art Bell R.I.P. Always loved listening to Art. A real pioneer in radio. A lot of films and TV shows still give a subtle nod to him and his show. R.I.P

1 year, 1 month in Paranormal, Creepy & Mysterious by Your Face 1 Reply 105 Views 4 Thanks

Good books on the American Revolution

I've been reading a lot online about colonial America. Can anyone recommend any good books on the American Revolution?

1 year, 7 months in History & Heritage by Your Face 1 Reply

Rock band Galway.

Hey. Guitarist and new bass player here. Just wondering if there any cats around Galway who want to play/jam. Nothing too serious at first

1 year, 7 months in Musicians Available or Wanted by Your Face

Ban "Let's burn down the mosque so this never happens again" I am banned from the Galway City forum for a week for the above post. The reason was for trolling. I discussed this issue with the mod in question as per the DR procedure stated

1 year, 11 months in Dispute Archive by Your Face 3 Replies 896 Views

3 Alert Text

I topped up 20e on 21.04.2017. This gives me free data, texts and net weekend calls. I get a text 2 hours later saying I have spend 6.03 on Internet Services since 18.04.17 Seeing as 3 Alerts is always very late with text alerts, l ignored this. This morning my data has been slow, then non-existen

2 years in Three by Your Face


Anyone know anything about the barge in Lough Atalia?

2 years, 3 months in Galway City by Your Face 32 Replies

Advice - safety and visibility.

I was hit by a car a few weeks ago. No injuries but an unpleasant experience. It was during the day, I always have my hi-vis on and I had my lights on. He was trying to join traffic and just drove into me. He said after he didn't see me. Yesterday, a HGV came very close whilst over-taking me and

2 years, 6 months in Cycling by Your Face 33 Replies

Indo Headline There is a big difference between a horse box and a horse box divider. Its a tragic case - they should have got it right

2 years, 7 months in After Hours by Your Face 3 Replies

Boxing: Frampton v Quigg showing?

Hi, Does anyone know of a pub showing this fight? Thanks

3 years, 2 months in Galway City by Your Face 31 Views

Is there any proof?

Hi, I've an interest in the paranormal in general, ghost and spirits in particular. I'm wondering has there been any well-documented cases or hard to dismiss evidence that spirits etc. exist?

3 years, 3 months in Paranormal, Creepy & Mysterious by Your Face 32 Replies 16 Views

Galway City - Rock band

Hey yo. I want to start a rock n roll band. I like everything. Open to any ages and influences. I play guitar with notions of lead. If anything I d like to jam with people as I haven't done that in years

3 years, 7 months in Musicians Available or Wanted by Your Face 4 Replies

Wrestlers who legitimately scared you .

What wrestlers really scared you for whatever reason? For me, it was Arn Anderson because he was a normal guy

4 years in Pro Wrestling by Your Face 62 Replies

Over-23s Pubs

I drink at home in the garden at night

7 hours, 45 minutes in After Hours by Your Face 43 Replies 825 Views 3 Thanks