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Left it too late and the Gate version of Godot is sold out in Naas, Bray and Tallaght (pretty much only places I can reach cause I am living in Dublin). my own fault i know:( anyone know where 2nd hand tickets for theatre performances might pop up? I dont think they really end up on Ebay do they

11 years, 1 month in Theatre & Performing Arts by Ohyeah 1 Reply 801 Views

where to get tickets?

sorry for my ignorance guys- but where do you get tickets for the double header on Sunday as in before the weekend? do you think any will be avaiable at Croker on the day?

11 years, 2 months in GAA by Ohyeah 46 Replies 2,864 Views

Quick question

Hi, I have second provisional and it is out of date by two years (have not been driving). Going to apply for renewal to a second driving permit. According to citizen information site, 'a one year learner permit will be granted if you submit evidence of a forthcoming test date'. Does this

11 years, 3 months in Learning to Drive by Ohyeah 2 Replies 357 Views

Irish Bestsellers List

Hi, Does anyone have a link to a detailed list for Irish bestsellers in fiction and non-fiction? With details of the number of books sold? The list that appears in the Irish Times on a Saturday, is that all sales in bookstores in Ireland? Does it include the internet? That list in the IT on

11 years, 6 months in Literature by Ohyeah 1,858 Views

Hotmail Probs

Hi not sure if this is right forum. But is anyone having huge probs getting onto Hotmail today? I can't seem to open the sign in page at all? found this article so maybe its not only Ireland that is suffering? any one heard any news abou

11 years, 8 months in Computers & Technology by Ohyeah 4 Replies 332 Views


thanks :D will be heading in there in next couple of days so will find out for defo then anyway

11 years, 8 months in Consumer Issues by Ohyeah 6 Replies 1,278 Views

Eason vouchers.

Hi Just a quick one. I got a few Eason vouchers at Xmas, do people know whether I can use them in the Tower Records on the third floor in Easons on O'Connell St? If not does anyone know whether there is any Eason's in the Dublin are where you can buy CDs and music. Thanks

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hiya- was interested to read this about Connolly's birthplace and the census anyone have a good list of books about Connolly on-line, I can only find partial lists? anyone read any books about him tha tthey thought were of particular interest- I've read a couple, but he seems to gone "out of fash

11 years, 8 months in History & Heritage by Ohyeah 9 Replies 1,679 Views

CDs or not CD? That is the question

Hi, Cause of various factors (listening to phantom all the time, other radio chanels on-line, addictively listening to non music podcasts, my CD player been broken for ages, listening to my old but substanial CD collection now up on my MP3 player etc) I have not bought music for more than a year

11 years, 8 months in Music by Ohyeah 17 Replies 681 Views

Memory Stick Probs

Hi, Got a couple of cheap memory sticks from my sis. For a few days I can save various files on them and then eventually it wont let me and it says it is 'write protected'. So I cant move files onto it or update files on it? Anyone know what the story is? Prob something basic- is it because

11 years, 8 months in Computers & Technology by Ohyeah 1 Reply 277 Views

Army Training

Hi, Has anyone else tried this official British army training guide in the Guardian,,2236660,00.html do you fitness people think it a good plan? what kind of body shape, fitness etc would you have at the end of it? I am reasonbly fit, r

11 years, 8 months in Fitness by Ohyeah 5 Replies 713 Views

Obscure money

I have some notes left from a trip to the Middle East I went on last year. They are from a country that is not normally mentioned in the foreign exchange rates tables:D anyway is there a bank or branch in Dublin that exchanges most foreign currencies, or is their somewhere on line I could che

11 years, 8 months in Banking & Insurance & Pensions by Ohyeah 3 Replies 467 Views

Tax Back

Hi, someone prob know the answer here. last year was on dole until April- worked in one job for two months May-June and then worked in another job from June until end of the year. Do you think I would get any tax back this year? Or would all the tax been paid back in my wages when I started

11 years, 8 months in Work & Jobs by Ohyeah 3 Replies 542 Views

allowance interview

Havee interview for Job seekers allowance. what's cut off for money you have in your back account. to get allowance. I have decent amount in my account and I have to bring bank details- however I have absolutely no other assets as in car house etc- and I have no other savings anywhere- so I th

11 years, 9 months in State Benefits by Ohyeah 2 Replies 753 Views

late registration

can you still register for the aware race? can you register on the day?

11 years, 10 months in Athletics & Running by Ohyeah 39 Replies 2,950 Views