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Do we scaremonger when it comes to cancer?

educating people about it is good. but the amount of money directed to it at, i feel, the expense of mental health, is something im not happy with

7 hours, 21 minutes in After Hours by Rubberchikken 30 Replies 724 Views

The ‘Win a Home In...’ scam

maybe the FAI could do something similiar. they seem broke

7 hours, 28 minutes in After Hours by Rubberchikken 33 Replies 890 Views 2 Thanks

Who is everyone going to be voting for in the next general election?

i wont be voting. ever again. its a complete and utter waste of time and energy. all politicians are a waste of space. none of them have an original thought. none if them truly want to stand up and be counted. they are all in it to line their own pockets, look after their own interests and reap wha

2 days, 7 hours in Current Affairs/IMHO by Rubberchikken 268 Replies 1,251 Views 1 Thank

Workplace Christmas parties: obligation to attend?

ive never felt obligated to attend christmas work function. did once a fair few years ago and enjoyed it - dinner and music and disco (i did say it was a while back:) dont do it any more. just dont have the energy

2 days, 7 hours in After Hours by Rubberchikken 234 Replies 14,553 Views

Dog Pound

we paid 100 euro for our little one. shes priceless to us:)

2 days, 8 hours in After Hours by Rubberchikken 12 Replies 2 Thanks

what is the burning passion for having an open fire?

ill never give up our open fire. have no problem bringing in coal/cleaning the grate/chimney/lighting fire etc. plus its our only source of heat. cant run to oil this year either

2 days, 11 hours in After Hours by Rubberchikken 443 Replies 18,430 Views 3 Thanks

Wages going in on Christmas day?

mine are usually paid on a thursday. this year it'll be friday. i think its to do with the bank/credit union here but we'll have plenty of turkey so no need for shops:)

4 days, 7 hours in Work Problems by Rubberchikken 15 Replies 442 Views

How many times did it take you to pass your driving test?

passed first time. always disappointed with the quality of road users nowadays

5 days, 7 hours in After Hours by Rubberchikken 126 Replies 4,069 Views 5 Thanks

Ireland is a gigantic pantomime of pretend

i pay the tv licence and we cant and dont want to get rte on our tv. have absolutely no interest in it but willing to give 160 if for nothing else than to keep Dee 'whinger' Forbes and her talentless bunch of 'entertainers' overpaid

5 days, 15 hours in After Hours by Rubberchikken 44 Replies 538 Views

Need help with a cv for job seekers

getting a placement with tus (if they still exist) or even applying for a CE scheme can be a great way of building experience and getting a reference. the social welfare dept should be able to help or at least give you information. i realise it is difficult to get a chance at any job without experi

5 days, 15 hours in State Benefits by Rubberchikken 6 Replies 211 Views 1 Thank

Pass the mince pies- Christmas Chat Thread Part Deux

christmas tree and door wreath up. thats the extent of our decorations- love Christmas but not too bothered about the decs:( working christmas eve/christmas day and st stephens day nights so we're having our christmas dinner on christmas eve this year:)

6 days, 13 hours in Christmas by Rubberchikken 7,028 Replies 286,485 Views 3 Thanks

3 lanes, inside and outside moving into middle

i wouldnt assume anything where another driver is concerned. there are way too many stupid careless inattentive ignorant drivers on our roads. observation is a priority. so check. after that let the obe who wants to live to see another day hold tight- it'll only be a couple of seconds, then move in

6 days, 19 hours in Motors by Rubberchikken 22 Replies 528 Views

Compiling a list of FG poor performance

please, the internet isnt big enough to contain the list of useless sods in FG or the others for that matter

1 week in Current Affairs/IMHO by Rubberchikken 241 Replies 380 Views 1 Thank

Bullies never win????

people need to learn from a young age to treat others properly and if crap comes their way to deal with it immediately. giving a bully a chance or even hesitating for a second seems to give them licence to continue their pathetic behaviour

1 week in Current Affairs/IMHO by Rubberchikken 87 Replies 6,957 Views 2 Thanks

Lisa Smith home.

if you lined up all our politicians you wouldnt find a pair of balls on any of them. she wss willing to go haring off to syria or wherever and leave this country yet when things start going south she starts her whinging to come back. i have no and will never have sympathy for a person like this

1 week, 3 days in Current Affairs/IMHO by Rubberchikken 1,554 Replies 71,017 Views 1 Thank