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Applying for PPSN number for Canadian citizen married to Irish Citizen

My wife is Canadian and we wish to get her a PPS number as soon as possible as we cannot get her on car insurance until she has an Irish license. She can't get an Irish license without a PPSN. We have an appointment to get a stamp 4 in July (soonest we could get), but can we apply for the PPSN numbe

1 month in Legal Discussion by username2013 3 Replies

Will insurance companies charge me more on a foreign licence?

Hi, I have just recently returned from Canada and have a Canadian license. I may be going back early next year. Should I exchange my Canadian license for an Irish license whilst here? I understand that I can get insurance with my Canadian one, but worried that insurance companies will charge me mu

1 month in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by username2013 5 Replies 84 Views

KBC Bank

Hi Guys I am looking into opening a bank account. On comparison sites such as, KBC is listed as the cheapest having no monthly fees etc. Has anyone on here got any experience/feedback of using KBC? Is there any advantage say BOI or AIB can offer as the more established Irish banks?

2 months, 2 weeks in Banking & Insurance & Pensions by username2013 10 Replies

Healthcare cost for non irish person in Ireland

I am an Irish citizen who is married to a Canadian. She will be coming to Ireland to live with me in a few weeks. Regarding the public health system in Ireland if she has to go for an operation or anything like that, would she be required to pay more money than I would have to? Should we take out pr

2 months, 2 weeks in Legal Discussion by username2013 10 Replies

Epi Pens in Ireland

I have just returned to Ireland after living abroad for several years. My son has some food allergies, peanuts etc for which we require epi-pens. Epi-pens have an expiry date and as such, they need to be replaced once they expire. In Canada, these are covered under the public health system. I had pl

2 months, 2 weeks in Nutrition & Diet by username2013 8 Replies

3 month notice period

I have just been offered a job at a large company in Dublin. I work as a software developer/manager and would be responsible for developing solutions, managing people and also setting development strategy etc. The renumeration offered is fair for my level which at this stage is senior. However I am

3 months, 3 weeks in Work & Jobs by username2013 19 Replies

Bread without may contain sesame Ireland

Hi Is there any mainstream breads in Ireland that do not contain sesame and also don't have the warning may contain sesame? My son has an allergy to sesame and we will shortly be visiting Ireland so I wish to get a safe bread for him while we're there

8 months, 2 weeks in Nutrition & Diet by username2013 6 Replies

Potentially returning to Ireland

Hi All Myself and my wife are thinking of moving back to Ireland for a period of time (currently in Canada). We would see ourselves living long-term in Canada, but before our son starts school we see an opportunity for a couple of years to live in Ireland. This will enable him to get to know his Ir

10 months, 3 weeks in Living Abroad by username2013 8 Replies

Does Canadian driving exp count for Irish insurance companies?

Hi Guys I have been living in Canada for quite a few years, and have been driving here since 2013. Just wondering will Irish insurance companies count this or will I be considered someone with no driving exp?

1 year, 5 months in Insurance - Aircraft, Maritime & Motor by username2013 1 Reply

Potentially moving to San Franscisco

Hi Potentially my company may be moving to San Francisco and if that occurs we would be getting offers to move, sorted with visas etc. Not sure if I would like to go, have a lot of things to consider which I am hoping to get some information on here. Accommodation: I have moved abroad before and g

2 years, 6 months in United States by username2013 18 Replies 142 Views 1 Thank

Test automation for IE browsers

Hi I am a software tester for a company. Currently we have in place an automation system which uses rspec and capybara and can be run against multiple browsers . We all have macs which makes testing IE difficult. I could spin up some virtual machines but I want to be able to run the automation aga

5 years, 2 months in Development by username2013 4 Replies 580 Views

CEC Visa - Traffic History

Hi I have applied for the CEC visa here in Canada. Previously I backpacked in Australia and the canadian immigration officer has asked me to confirm if I lived in Victoria or Queensland and if that was the case to submit a traffic history or License History Search. I did not live in either state b

5 years, 2 months in Canada by username2013 2 Replies 303 Views

Fast Twitch Muscles?

Hi I have recently starting jogging and I am enjoying it. I wish to progress onto 10k, half marathons etc and then eventually a marathon. I have a question regarding muscles. I guess I have fast twitch muscles, I was always very quick and would generally have preferred sprints to endurance/stamina

5 years, 4 months in Athletics & Running by username2013 5 Replies 620 Views

Advice on car Battery

Hi I had not started my car in a few months. Went to start the car but nothing, battery appeared to be dead. Used a car battery booster on it and it then started no problem. Drove it about for about 45 mins to an hour. Came out this morning and it started on its own without any problems. A fr

5 years, 4 months in Motors by username2013 3 Replies 187 Views

Lost Driving License

Hi I lost my driving license at the weekend. Just wondering does anyone know what the process is for getting a new or a replacement? I know the process for obtaining a new license has changed recently so I am not sure of that the process now for getting a replacement. I have a photocopy of my ori

5 years, 7 months in Motors by username2013 7 Replies 363 Views