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Havana - dublin?

Handsome looking aircraft - looks like a cross between an A310 and an A340

2 days, 14 hours in Aviation & Aircraft by dogmatix 13 Replies 838 Views 2 Thanks

Asiana A380 engine catches fire while refueling. Does not look like there where any injuries - perhaps some sort of refueling mishap?

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Paphos for Midterm

Can't help with the food - very conservative palate so when I was last there I survived on Pizza hut and KFC (which where located down near the waterfront), or cooked for myself (self catering apartment). As for things to do - do consider hiring a car and heading up into the Troodos mountains. The

1 week in Travel by dogmatix 3 Replies 134 Views 1 Thank


HECTOR Ó H'EOCHAGÁIN. He should be on the list also. Back in the 2000’s this gob****e was inexplicably everywhere on the telly, the radio, advertising whiskey and those f*cking awful irish horse racing ad’s. His brand of cheeky, chummy, “hail, fellow, well met!” mateyness was the irritation. And the

1 week, 1 day in After Hours by dogmatix 189 Replies 9,868 Views

Hike boot insole recommendations ?

I tend to use the "superfeet" ones in my hiking boots. Never had any complaints. Snow and Rock and great outdoors stock them (or did - I bought my last pair 18 months ago)

1 week, 2 days in Outdoor Pursuits by dogmatix 1 Reply 38 Views 1 Thank

Another worrying 737 (Not Max) issue for Boeing

According to the BBC link, the FAA are implying it is only on "heavily used" NG's. Which probably would apply to Ryanair aircraft? It never rains but it pours as they say. Hopefully this will just be an isolated incident with a few planes.

3 weeks, 2 days in Aviation & Aircraft by dogmatix 9 Replies 340 Views

Commute from Aughrim

Aye - the first significant frosts of the autumn/winter period will be here soon and that is always guaranteed to catch a number of motorists out as they speed down the entrance slip-ramps for the first week or two. Happens every year

1 month in Wicklow by dogmatix 29 Replies 2,269 Views 1 Thank

Commute from Aughrim

Traffic has been getting steadily worse since 2017 - the more the economy improves, the more people are starting to drive. If you are driving from Aughrim I would suggest you leave no later then 6am if taking the N11. Coming home is worse - it's getting to the point that if you are not on the M50 he

1 month in Wicklow by dogmatix 29 Replies 2,269 Views 2 Thanks

Worst/Best Radio Ads

Just heard an ad for "Elf" at some theatre or other from December 28th. It's late September but I feel it is still too early for the xmas ad's

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Tilley Hat??? Worth the price?

Bought mine in Nova Scotia in 2008 and it is still going strong. Very comfy and practically indestructible

1 month, 1 week in Outdoor Pursuits by dogmatix 7 Replies 122 Views

Tough Hike - Dublin/Wicklow

A couple spring to mind and can be done within 3 hours (although the art's lough one would be stretching it): 1. Art's lough near Lug - 2. The spink at Glendalough -

1 month, 1 week in Outdoor Pursuits by dogmatix 5 Replies 24 Views

Aegean and Olympic

As noted above, the MAX is currently banned from flying with airlines everywhere and will moist likely remain so until early 2020. A quick check on the Agean and Olympic websites seems to indicate they do not fly any boeing products - it's all Airbus with a smattering of ATR's and Dash-8's, so no wo

1 month, 1 week in Aviation & Aircraft by dogmatix 4 Replies 132 Views

Transat airlines

A shame - I always thought the A310 was the most attractive of all the airbus models. But time marches on as they say. Had the pleasure of flying an A310 to the Azores way back in 2002. I remember it being a very comfortable aircraft (in economy)

1 month, 2 weeks in Travel by dogmatix 5 Replies 416 Views

Outdoor Jobs?

I believe that the wicklow mountains national park people employ conservation rangers - might be worth contacting them

1 month, 3 weeks in Outdoor Pursuits by dogmatix 2 Replies 63 Views

Great Lighthouses of Ireland.

Years ago (during my failed attempt at becoming a radio officer), you could tune in to the kish lighthouse radio beacon with a marconi radio direction-finder - it transmitted a morse signal K-S-H (see link for pic of equipment). Although any short wave radio could pick it up. I think the radio beaco

2 months in Maritime by dogmatix 44 Replies 2,144 Views 1 Thank