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Canada flag in Dublin? ( that's a business in d2, not just a website!) Or enquire at the Canadian embassy?

13 hours, 50 minutes in Dublin City by HeidiHeidi 3 Replies 176 Views 2 Thanks

Glass engraving

Any glass cutting place.... there's one on upper rathmines road, and on clanbrassil street

20 hours, 15 minutes in Dublin City by HeidiHeidi 4 Replies 27 Views 1 Thank

filter coffee to a 1l thermos jug

You could just make coffee in the normal way (cafetiere, stovetop espresso,etc), and decant it into a thermos?

3 days, 23 hours in Coffee & Tea by HeidiHeidi 13 Replies 14 Views

Vodafone - Dublin Airport Fast Track

Tried booking with one of these codes just now for the end of August...... the only Fast Track available is FT with Grant Thornton (never seen that branding before), and it won't accept the code :( Says it's not valid for that date or product, or may be expired. No "normal" FT that I can see

5 days, 1 hour in Bargain Alerts [Requests] by HeidiHeidi 268 Replies 11,478 Views

Ana Kriegel - Boys A & B found guilty [Mod: Do NOT post identifying information]

No. Judge's discretion. Life sentence an option, but can give less based on probation reports etc

6 days, 15 hours in Current Affairs/IMHO by HeidiHeidi 4,270 Replies 488,714 Views

Boating chit chat thread.

D2D wasn't half as miserable as expected - the start was brilliant, 41 kites straight up off the line. Anyone down Wicklow head way would have seen some great broaching action, and a few ripped ones - the gybefest went wrong for a lot of boats, including us. Unfortunately, having been doing really

1 week, 1 day in Sailing & Boating by HeidiHeidi 2,147 Replies 98,216 Views 4 Thanks

What is this weed and how can I get rid of it permanently?

Looks like what I always thought was nasturtium - but when I google it, the leaves look a bit different. I always remember it growing up and through hedges just like that - my dad said down the country, the cattle loved it, ate it for breakfast dinnner and tea, and wherever they pooped, it'd start

2 weeks in Gardening by HeidiHeidi 32 Replies 28 Views

Boating chit chat thread.


2 weeks in Sailing & Boating by HeidiHeidi 2,147 Replies 97,544 Views

Boating chit chat thread.

26 :eek: We'll be staying well out of their way (I hope!) on the start line! I wonder how long before they're out of sight over the horizon? I remember Rambler 100 cutting through the RI start line at full speed from behind like a knife through butter, and in less than 45 mins they were out

2 weeks in Sailing & Boating by HeidiHeidi 2,147 Replies 97,507 Views

Aldi... what do you recommend?

Yeah it's the red I bought..... was sure it was 6.49! Maybe not though. Still great value!

2 weeks, 4 days in Food by HeidiHeidi 5,329 Replies 620,980 Views

Aldi... what do you recommend?

That Animus has gone up in the last while then. Was 6.49 last time I bought it! And yes, it's very nice indeed!!

2 weeks, 4 days in Food by HeidiHeidi 5,329 Replies 620,980 Views

Best shoes for walking on concrete?

If waterproofness isn't a factor, I would always go for runners (as opposed to trail shoes) for walking on a surface like concrete. I have a pair of fairly elderly Asics runners - they may not look the best with work clothes, mind you - and they'd be my go to shoes for "urban" surface walking. An

2 weeks, 5 days in Outdoor Pursuits by HeidiHeidi 8 Replies 294 Views

Google maps routing issue

I have noticed this lately as well, Google maps giving bizarre and unnecessarily long routes. Mostly within Dublin in my case. I can't give specific examples unfortunately, but it's puzzled me for a few months now

2 weeks, 5 days in Commuting & Transport by HeidiHeidi 8 Replies 1 Thank

Is Ye a word?

Why couldn't it be a shortened version of "you all"?? Y(ou)all = Y'all

2 weeks, 6 days in English by HeidiHeidi 31 Replies 3,414 Views 2 Thanks

* Ryanair * Ryanair * Ryanair *


3 weeks, 3 days in Consumer Issues by HeidiHeidi 5,613 Replies 714,194 Views