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16 year-old girl killed in Knocknaheeny crash

It's mid-term break so 11.30 wouldn't be too unusual especially in an urban area. I know that when I was 16, back in the 80s, I had a lot of leeway in my comings and goings on non school nights. She was coming from the chipper so it's not like she was lying in some field drinking cider and sniffin

6 hours, 16 minutes in Cork City by Conall Cernach 70 Replies 9,252 Views 2 Thanks

Temporary Clerical Officer 2020 in the Civil and Public Service

I'm waiting too, due 21st

1 day, 22 hours in Work & Jobs by Conall Cernach 371 Replies 59,589 Views

Fair City [News, Spoilers and Discussion v9] Read Post #1 Before Contributing

Did Paul ever pay back Barry for the rent money he was pocketing for years or was this Barry's way of getting it? Are we supposed to be on Paul's side or Barry's?

2 days, 20 hours in Soap Operas by Conall Cernach 7,549 Replies 675,944 Views

Lyric that will give a song away.

There's a club if you'd like to go You could meet somebody who really loves you So you go and you stand on your own And you leave on your own And you go home and you cry and you want to die

3 days, 1 hour in After Hours by Conall Cernach 3,867 Replies 122,178 Views 5 Thanks

Discrediting old irish legends

One version I heard is that he was disarmed and called for a spear from his charioteer, Laeg, who tossed him the Gae Bolga. It was only when he had cast it at Ferdia that Cú Chulainn realised it was the Gae Bolga. Mind you I am an Armagh man originally who was reared near Dundalk so there could b

3 days, 2 hours in After Hours by Conall Cernach 70 Replies 6,987 Views 5 Thanks

Total Recall 1990

I would say that Conan is fantastic whereas Total Recall is still pretty good

3 days, 20 hours in Films by Conall Cernach 42 Replies 680 Views

Greatest Ever Live Musical Performance...

5 days, 6 hours in After Hours by Conall Cernach 63 Replies 2,641 Views 1 Thank

Is the IRA of the WOI morally equivalent to the Provisional IRA of the Troubles?

Do you consider the IRA of 1919-21 and their actions to be legitimate and the IRA of 1969/70 to be illegitimate? Why is that?

6 days in History & Heritage by Conall Cernach 104 Replies 2,759 Views 7 Thanks

Temporary Clerical Officer in Civil Service Interview

I got mine yesterday and I did the interview on Jan 20th

6 days, 2 hours in Work & Jobs by Conall Cernach 39 Replies 1,862 Views

75 years ago today....

I was watching a show called War Factories earlier. They said the Allies dropped 1.5 million tons of bombs on the Krupps factory alone during WW2!

1 week in After Hours by Conall Cernach 181 Replies 1,202 Views 1 Thank

Employer withholding wages and holiday pay

All dismissals are considered unfair unless proven otherwise. Citizens Information won't be able to act on someone's behalf unless they show up themselves. They will be able to advise you on your own case though. A complaint to the WRC is very easy to do and takes a few minutes only. Have a look

1 week, 1 day in Work Problems by Conall Cernach 3 Replies

Who will win the election in a few months time?

Surely it should be up to FF seeing as they have the most seats

1 week, 1 day in Current Affairs/IMHO by Conall Cernach 70 Replies 1,139 Views

' I don't do Valentines'

Even I, lazy, miserable hoor that I am, can stump for some flowers from Lidl

1 week, 1 day in After Hours by Conall Cernach 140 Replies 8,560 Views 12 Thanks

What have we come to

That would be a different IRA not the PIRA ,there are at least 3 other different factions claiming the title. They regularly condemn all such attacks

1 week, 3 days in Current Affairs/IMHO by Conall Cernach 2,919 Replies 65,051 Views 1 Thank

Do you know anything about your family tree?

You are the secret child of Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson and the legitimate heir to the throne of England

1 week, 4 days in After Hours by Conall Cernach 60 Replies 2,830 Views 3 Thanks