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Car seized

The OP may or may not have to pay VRT. He may not be resident in Ireland and if he moved to Ireland then he could bring his car, it could be a case of having allowed the insurance lapse. This issue is separate from the insurance, but is also now important to sort out. However, if the OP is considere

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Paul Murphy

Clery's workers are supported to the extent that the taxpayer pays their redundancy, but does not continue to pay their salaries. They still lose their job. Investors should be likewise, in this case the investors got to keep their jobs

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Not our debt

This. The dark clouds were on the horizon for quite a while (e.g. Northern Rock), but no planning seems to have taken place whatsoever. If those months have been used wisely then the damage might have been mitigated

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Any cheaper alternatives to Aviva Level 2 hospital

The HIA comparison website is one of the best things the government provides in this country

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How do you get over being unattractive/plain-looking?

Wealth cures ugliness

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Water meter criminal damage conviction

Spurious and immature. The government routinely changes the balance of taxes and charges, if they introduce a parking meter somewhere you cannot just say I am paying for this twice and vandalise the parking meter

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The 2015 All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Galway and Armagh are about the same level, division 2 material. While Armagh dropped to div 3 it could have been Galway and they came straight back up. You'd expect Armagh to shade yesterday's game with home advantage. The earlier comments here, and elsewhere, are not to do with Galway. Armagh's

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M11 - Arklow to Rathnew

prove it on youtube, or it didn't happen!

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National Postcodes to be introduced

it is really rather sad that the geographical address was not in this from the beginning. If you enter in a place in its proper county, it returns a place that seems to be in another county. Potentially not everyone knows that the places are the same without looking at the map. Much better to retu

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Is it worth paying off a tracker mortgage sooner?

However the 10 year State Savings product is only a really good deal if you keep the loot in for the decade. The tracker interest rate in 5 years time might be quite a bit higher than now and you might then prefer to pay off the mortgage. You can get 1.25% or so nowadays in banks, but remember the

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Good economic news thread

Plenty of young ones to pay off the debt.

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Why do people buy new cars?

If you have a bit of money you can get a bit more; new car, business class air ticket, 5 star hotel and so on. You can't take it with you. As someone said, if you've done alright and don't buy the Merc/business class ticket etc. your son in law will be driving a Merc etc when you are gone. What

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The bonfires in the north

You don't want to get into an argument, but make one all the same. Sure if we live in the British empire than the British are entitled to be there, that's the whole purpose of colonial conquest, after all. I think you are confusing the country with the state. As I said, "I'm all right jack

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The bonfires in the north

These people regard themselves as British, it is not I who gave them an immigrant identity but they themselves. They are in your country, you advocate giving them the free run of part of it. As I said "I'm all right jack, f*** you, I don't live there, let the bigots do whatever they like whe

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The bonfires in the north

You are supporting these bonfires and yet it is me who has medieval attitudes. I think that says everything As in the example above regarding a Dublin suburb, I don't see any reason for different attitudes in one part of Ireland rather than the other. I do call out people who would not accept thi

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