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First time tiller

Im thinking about tilling the bathroom, which seems abit of a daunting task. Any hints tips for a first time tiller. Best way to size up the walls and knowing what tills are needed? equipment? Thanks for reading, ReV

11 years, 11 months in DIY by Revalco 3 Replies 453 Views

[REQ]Cheap Skip

Time for a spring clean, and looking for a cheap skip. Any recommendations? Any difference in the price of get a recyclable one? South Dublin, if possible. Cheers, ReV

12 years, 1 month in Bargain Alerts by Revalco 4 Replies 547 Views

Dell™ Latitude™ LS Portable Dead?

Most random thing that could probably happen to me, was just about to give it back to my sister and it just did nothing.... :S Re-installed windows about a week earlier and was running grand, left it my room, and was just handing it back. No lights for either battery or from the laptop, no chargi

12 years, 1 month in Laptops by Revalco 6 Replies 372 Views

Thermaltake Mozart w/medialab & VFD, Aluminium Front (Without PSU)

Hey McKomplett, Was just wondering, do you know when you will have these back in stock? Link: Cheers, R

12 years, 4 months in Komplett by Revalco 3 Replies 361 Views

Access Request

Thanks :)

12 years, 10 months in Soccer Access Requests by Revalco 2 Replies 189 Views

Quick Question?

Me in all my smartness decided to type my pin in my fone will drunk and blocked it :eek: :o The problem is the puk code is long gone, as i've had the number for years, is there a way i can unblock my sim or is it doommmed :confused: Any help is apreached :)

12 years, 10 months in Mobiles by Revalco 4 Replies 267 Views


Anyone one know of a cheap scrap-yard in Dublin preferrly southside Need to get rid of an old motor, but money is tight. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers, Revalco

13 years, 8 months in Motors by Revalco 4 Replies 851 Views

1 PORT PC Gameport to USB Converter Adapter

Anybody know where i could get 1 of these in Dublin mistakely bought a joystick with a gameport connection that my mobo dont have :(

13 years, 8 months in Computers & Technology by Revalco 1 Reply 233 Views

Why me So god damn true :-(

13 years, 10 months in Humour by Revalco 264 Views

Sig test

D ;) :p :) :rolleyes: :eek: :cool

13 years, 11 months in Test by Revalco 3 Replies 376 Views

Italian Moto Gp

Best i've ever seen 1st Rossi 2nd Biaggi 3rd Capirossi Sete crash out w00t :D

13 years, 11 months in Motorsport by Revalco 7 Replies 390 Views

Funny stuff


14 years in Test by Revalco 1 Reply 210 Views

where could i buy a Dell Laptop Battery

Its a Dell Latitude CPi A-Series ,it has 2 fit in the left hand slot if possible. Battery has 2 hold for at least a couple of hours Dont seem 2 be having much luck in the Wanted thread

14 years in Laptops by Revalco 4 Replies 3,662 Views

STOVES questions and answers here(see mod note in post 1)

Hi, Question, if I may... thinking about buying an inset boiler on a budget and found a cheap one, only problem is the rating is 21w and I only really need 8/10w (3/4 rads). Will this have any effect if I put in the higher rated stove? i.e burn more fuel to get the heat? TIA

4 years, 3 months in Plumbing & Heating by Revalco 5,319 Replies 954,648 Views

Gaming Freebies and Trades (trade steam, origin, etc. keys here)

Would be interested in the Arma 2 bundle, if its up for grabs?

5 years, 4 months in PC Gaming by Revalco 3,686 Replies 182,214 Views