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Collared dove

In the past week I have a collared dove that doesn't seem to leave my garden. I've never had collared doves visit before and this guy seems to spend the full day just chilling on my fence. He pops down the odd time to pick at a bit of seed that the smaller birds knock out of the feeders but apart fr

10 months in Nature & Bird Watching by Zapperzy 2 Replies

Indoor rose

I got an indoor rose back at the beginning of the year. It came on mighty for a few months then got a bad greenfly infestation. I tried hygeia greenfly spray and a mild washing up liquid solution along with manually picking them off but nothing would do the trick. Put it out the back door in the goo

10 months, 1 week in Gardening by Zapperzy 8 Replies

Cat and early chronic kidney disease

Looking for some opinions in general if anyone has experience with the above. I've got a 5 year old cat just diagnosed with this, urinalysis showed dilute urine, creatinine 165 and sdma came back 14 so vet thinks about a stage 1 but wants to repeat sdma in a few weeks. She started off with blood in

1 year in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 4 Replies

Thumb lock fire regulation

I've just had the landlord install a new lock in my front door but they've changed it to a thumb lock because of new fire safety regulations. My big worry now is the lock is right beside the letterbox and a pane of glass! Also a few of our neighbours have kids so I suppose nothing to stop a toddler

1 year, 1 month in Accommodation & Property by Zapperzy 21 Replies

Automatic feeder or cattery

Looking for a few opinions on this. We're looking at going away for two nights in a few months time but we've two cats. Usually I'd leave them into the cattery, she's fantastic and completely cat mad and iv no doubt they're well looked after there. But there's the usual stress of loading them into b

1 year, 3 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 7 Replies

Devon heos 5 wireless speaker

Having trouble setting up my new speaker. In between Internet providers due to eircoms inability to do anything useful, so I have a wifi network which has no Internet connection which I can connect up my speaker to just fine using the heos app. But when I try to play Spotify obviously my phone can't

1 year, 4 months in Audio Amplifiers & Speakers by Zapperzy 2 Replies

Charged incorrect amount

I purchased a pair of boots on Saturday for €100, paid with debit card and took no notice of the receipt so of course shoved it into my purse. I checked my bank account and noticed €60 transaction from this shop so went back and checked the receipt. The till receipt was for the correct price but the

1 year, 5 months in Consumer Issues by Zapperzy 6 Replies

Notice to leave

Iv just gotten a call from my landlady today to say she is not renewing our lease in may. Iv lived here for nearly 3 years, started with a 1 year lease and never signed or agreed to anything when this finished, just assumed it was on a rolling basis and I'd be protected with the part 4 tenancy? We'v

2 years, 2 months in Accommodation & Property by Zapperzy 28 Replies

Cattery in galway

Is anyone able to recommend a cattery in galway? My usual place is on holidays. Have Googled a few but there's only 1 other cat-only place I can find, the rest seem to be predominantly dog orientated. Can't find many online reviews or photos for any of them either

2 years, 6 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy

Cervical facet joint arthritis

Anybody have any experience of the above? I'm 24 and have been told I have arthritis in the facet joints of c3 and c4. First started getting sharp stabbing pains in the left side of my neck in October 14 and it's gotten progressively worse since. I can't ever recall injuring my neck in any way, no c

3 years, 3 months in Long Term Illness by Zapperzy 1 Reply 6 Views

How you came to own your pet?

Just thought it'd be an interesting thread. Anyone have any interesting stories behind how they came to own their dog/cat? I'l start off. I got my dog (charlie) in May 2008 when he was somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old. I first met him on paddy's day 2007 where I walked him for the local

7 years, 4 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 67 Replies 4,749 Views 6 Thanks

Cat going through spraying motions

Whenever I bring Jesse back home for a weekend she 'pretend' sprays against vertical objects. She goes through all the motions, tail quivering and feet paddling while pointed at a vertical surface but nothing comes out. It only happens the odd time I have to bring her with me to my homeplace, so I p

3 years, 11 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 4 Replies

Cat introductions

I have a nearly 9 year old cat, bunty. I'v started enough threads on her here most of ye know all about her, she's a grumpy aul stresshead :P The OH has a 6 month old kitten, Jesse, complete opposite, she very rarely sits still and is constantly exploring and has her head stuck in everything trying

5 years, 3 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 8 Replies 422 Views 1 Thank

Applaws dry cat food

Has anyone bought applaws dry cat food recently? I see from zooplus they seem to have updated the packaging. Checked the ingredients list with an old bag I have here and it's identical except for the protein content seems to have dropped from 47% to 37% in the chicken and salmon variety. Seems like

4 years, 2 months in Animals & Pet Issues by Zapperzy 4 Replies

Eircom broadband Athenry

Anyone else got eircom broadband in Athenry? The website says efibre is available in the area but putting in my address and a phonecall to eircom turns out I can only get 24mb for €40pm. Anyone else got 24mb eircom? What are the speeds like?

4 years, 4 months in Broadband by Zapperzy 7 Replies 765 Views