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Game of Thrones prequel series confirmed...

I think the only thing that would really interest me is the "Roberts Rebellion" story following a young Robert, Ned, Tywin etc. and move away from the Dragons and White walker side of the Stories. I think your right though, the ending to the show really torpedoed any love for a spin off so not unlik

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Is Dunnes gone very expensive?

I spent the better part of 15 years in Retail before I got out so luckily I have a good grasp of what is under or over priced and I take a good mental note of the price of things between shops. You can certainly spend €50 worth of shopping on Products that are the same or cheaper than Aldi. A full €

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Breaking Bad Vs Game of Thrones

I think Breaking bad by some distance and I say that as a massive Game of Thrones fan. I was making excuses for season 8 right up after the battle for Winterfell and while the ending left a very very bitter taste in my mouth if season 8 had been to the same standard of the even season 7 then it

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Hunker down and ride it out Movies

I thought Contagion was a very watchable film made.all the better by the current world I'd imagine

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Spin-offs that surpass the original

I think the Good Wife was stronger at the start but Dipped more rapidly and lower than the Good Fight. TGW pips it as it had stronger supporting characters

1 month in Television (General) by ziedth 31 Replies 1,405 Views

The Invisible Man

I will be very put off when the Camera doesn't do a hyper close up on Elisabeth Moss face every half an hour looking different levels of Angry...... Having said that, it looks alright actually

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CLOSED - Win overnight stay for 2ppl with dinner in Lyrath Estate, Co. Kilkenny

In Please, Allot of good memories of the Hotel. We used to take the Grandmother to Lyrath for Afternoon Tea or the Thai Restaurant that used to be there. Never had the opportunity to stay over. Great Prize

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CLOSED - Win overnight stay for 2ppl in Castle Leslie, Co. Monaghan.

Enter Please, We don't do big romantic gestures the wife and I. Every so often though not as often as I would like we do surprise the other with a weekend away which this would be lovely

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Really bad WiFi and ridiculous landlord (asking for a friend)

Wifi Extender? I got one for my folks from Argos and while not great it does the job. Something like this;

1 month, 3 weeks in Wireless by ziedth 7 Replies

92nd Academy Awards (Oscars 2020)

I really don't want to google it but i'm struggling to think of the other character to win twice.....I'll get there

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Euromillions- what would your family get?!

My aunt won the pools for something like £500k+ in the 1970's which obviously was quite the sum of money in those days. I remember her telling us that it pretty much "ruined" their lives as they knew it. Friends and family either accused them of flashing the cash or being mean...... They literally c

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Noteworthy Corrupt movie characters in the different professions.

I quite liked Nic Cage character in Snake Eyes You can't be a bit of OTT acting in these kind of Roles so the previously mentioned Oldman in Leon is second only to Denzel in Training Day

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The Gentlemen (Guy Ritchie)

I thought it was brilliant despite Charlie Hunnam's best effort of ruining it I'd go as far to say it only fell just short of snatch (Which is one of my favorite films). Hugh Grant is the highlight (And you can just sense how much fun he had filming it) and it's nice to see a scene stealing Colin Fa

1 month, 4 weeks in Films by ziedth 43 Replies 2,806 Views

Fast & Furious 9

It's such an uneven franchise in terms of "quality" with these films. ashamedly I have seen each of them and (to me anyway) they range from excellent to appalling. Howvwer, even for F&F the reveal at the end of the teaser is ridiculous. I can't help but feel it is simply there as Hobbs and Shaw did

2 months in Films by ziedth 37 Replies 1,358 Views

Mobile Phone driving Mobile Plant

Thanks for the reply, Funny you should say the argument is basically tying to dictate the H&S policy. Operations are of the view that use of phones is essential for contact (and TBF they are not wrong) but the counter argument is that if one of the machines crashes into a delivery (for example) then

2 months in Legal Discussion by ziedth 6 Replies