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One paragraph (energy supply and NI related) caught my attention: It looks like edit/delete options were left in the paragraph for all now to see!

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Divis would be better option

soporific When you can manage it, the installation of an aerial for Divis (group A horizontal) would be the better option. Keeping your present aerial for Clermont Carn (group B vertical). Edited to note that if you want ALL the programmes that are available from Divis, you will need a group T ae

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Saorview frequencies reshuffle (700 MHz clearence)

The post Digifriendly refers to is 205. Com 7 (on E51) is OK but Com8 (on E60) is very unreliable. Local1 (on E36) and NI Mux (on E33) are fine. I guess that poor response (at the higher frequencies) of the group A aerial is the problem here. I don't have a RF signal strength measuring facility.

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Bangor, Co Down

The receiving setup is maybe a bit untypical. Two aerials, each aerial feeding just one TV with its recording box. They are all standard definition. The lower aerial is aimed at Divis, it is group A horizontal, and has a good response to NI Mux from Black Mountain. No problems getting the couple

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Saorview frequencies reshuffle (700 MHz clearence)

11.27am. All channels from Clermont Carn are solid here (Bangor, Co Down)

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Saorview frequencies reshuffle (700 MHz clearence)

PFMC84 - things may not be bad for her. The channel that is changing from Divis has the programmes which are not the most popular. Clermont Carn will continue transmissions on Ch 52 and 56 for some months. The new channels are 42 and 45. Your existing aerial may be fine for receiving the new chann

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Riello RDB, motor on, no ignition

When that happened here it was the solenoid which had gone open circuit. I homed in on that pretty fast as there was no characteristic "click" of the solenoid opening the oil flow valve. Edited to note that the problem could have been in the control unit. After totally isolating the system from t

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My Circumcision Story

Hector Savage - maybe something you should do is to think about how to explain this to your son. Children are inquisitive and as soon as he sees another boy who is intact he will ask questions. "Why am I different?" [All I ever got from my parents was that I should be happy that I looked like Prince

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Crazy how the item - the RF filter in the mains lead - which is supposed to increase the reliability of the cooker actually is a cause of unreliability. They could have used a higher voltage rating for the capacitors in the filter. Negligible increase in cost

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Wood pellet = our experience - bad

We had a wood pellet boiler installed in place of a very elderly oil boiler. That was maybe 10 years ago. We returned to oil boiler after about 2 years. Things to remember about wood pellet burning: 1. You need a storage tank for the pellets. The tanks are big , heavy and need a well-founded concret

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Saorview frequencies reshuffle (700 MHz clearence)

September will be an interesting time! My strategy will be to see what happens before climbing about on the roof. I will occasionally scan to see if Clermont Carn is doing any tests on the new lower frequencies. I'm in Bangor (County Down) - just outside the official service area of Clermont Carn

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My Circumcision Story

Irishguy10 - Don't know that "regret" is the correct word for me. I was circumcised by parental demand when I was a few months old. Always hated it. I have now restored a very good approximation to a foreskin by skin expansion methods. Google "Foreskin restoration" for some details. The increase i

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Fluffy blanket in washing machine

Standard front loading domestic washing machine. The fluffy blanket causes the machine to shake and stop on the spin cycle. We have selected the lowest spin speed - 600rpm. Anyone developed simple solution? Or even a complex solution?

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Brexit Forum

another +1

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My Circumcision Story

AussieRam - Any time (thankfully, infrequent) when I have needed detailed medical/surgical advice I have typed up a list of questions and concerns. Two copies - one to the consultant, and I expect to go through the list of points. I know that I should not be appearing to give medical advice (I'm

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