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Munich airport transfer times (Lufthansa)

Looking to travel to Florence next month and Lufthansa via Munich is looking like the best option. It's an official connection but it's just 1h10mins between arriving from DUB and leaving for FLR and about the same on the way back. Is that a comfortable amount of time? Seems a bit tight even for

6 months in Travel by Ben D Bus 31 Replies

Voice mailbox wiped

Just missed a call and when I went to my voicemail I discovered it seems to have reset to new.  I was asked to set up my mailbox again!  I've had this account for years.  Did something happen to reset my voicemail?

7 months, 1 week in Vodafone by Ben D Bus 1 Reply

Replacing immersion heater thermostat

The thermostat on the immersion seems to be broken. Scalding hot water! I don't do DIY so I'm wondering if it's dangerously insane to attempt it myself? A quick scan of the internet suggests it's a doddle, and the materials cheap, but I'm not sure I fancy messing with electricity/water! :eek: No

8 months, 4 weeks in DIY by Ben D Bus 2 Replies

PhotoIreland Festival 2018

The festival programme for 2018 PIF programme I have a couple of images in the Inspire Galerie from 24th May as part of the exhibition entitled "The Body / Le Corps"

1 year in Photographic Events & Projects by Ben D Bus 1 Reply 12 Views 1 Thank

Art Nude Ireland Inaugural Exhibition - Filmbase

Aah! Forgot to post this here. I'm part of a group of models and photographers that work together and we have an exhibition opening in Filmbase this evening. It's open all this week from 9:30am to 9pm (5pm on Friday) Everyone is welcome. A little piece from the paper about the exhibition: http

1 year, 6 months in Photographic Events & Projects by Ben D Bus 4 Replies

Nespresso Vertuo

So I was in the Nespresso store on Duke St today and found a whole new range of pods and machines called Vertuo! Bigger and more expensive by the look of it. Found a light hearded review here

1 year, 6 months in Coffee & Tea by Ben D Bus 1 Reply

Great big outage?

Hi there All services via my digibox dropped out at around 19:15 this evening. There seems to be a spike in Twitter activity along the same lines so I'm assuming it's not my digibox. I know you won't see this until Monday but I'm just checking if you have technical staff on call to deal with out o

1 year, 7 months in Virgin Media Ireland by Ben D Bus 7 Replies

BBC World no longer available?

BBC World ceased transmission in Astra SD yesterday. Is it intended to make the HD channel available? BBC World is one of the more important global news channels and it's absence would be a significant gap in the news channel offering. BBC UK news isn't a suitable alternative for global news

1 year, 7 months in Virgin Media Ireland by Ben D Bus 4 Replies

LED bulbs R50 / E14

Need to replace some R50 E14 spotlights and considering trying out LEDs. 40W equivalent. Can anyone recommend a brand and somewhere to buy them? Preferably dimmable. Thanks

1 year, 8 months in Sustainability & Environmental Issues by Ben D Bus

Master of Photography 2017

It's back. 25th May. I still haven't finished watching last year's series.

2 years in Photography by Ben D Bus 29 Replies 2,448 Views 4 Thanks

Affinity Photo

Does anyone here use Affinity photo - a €55 alternative to Photoshop? It seems to get good reviews. I own Lightroom outright and it covers almost all my needs but I occasionally need something like content aware fill and liquify. But I find it hard to justify a CC subscription for those rare occa

1 year, 10 months in Photography by Ben D Bus 1 Reply

PC for photo editing

My aging laptop is starting to slow down and cause me frustration. I want to replace it and as I never move it, I think I'll get more bang for my bucks with a PC. I'm thinking minimum 12Gb and a fast i5 chip. Better with 16Gb and i7? 512Gb SSD and USB3 are the only other things I can think of

1 year, 10 months in Photography by Ben D Bus 26 Replies

Senior Smartpass on Dublin Bus

I believe the Northern Ireland Senior Smartpass can be used in the South? Can they be used on Dublin Bus validators?

1 year, 11 months in Commuting & Transport by Ben D Bus 3 Replies

More diversity in News Channels

It would be really good to see more variety, geographically and ideologically available on the Virgin platform. How about Fox, RT, Al Jazeera, France 24, CNC World etc? Apart from Fox, I think the rest are FTA?

2 years, 1 month in Virgin Media Ireland by Ben D Bus 1 Reply

App registration no longer valid

Trying to log in via app (website down) and I got a message that my registration is no longer valid.  I'm being asked to input details I haven't been asked for since I originally downloaded the app. This has never happened before and given the chaos with 365 online at the moment it has made me ne

2 years, 2 months in Bank of Ireland by Ben D Bus 1 Reply