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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier €249.99 DID Electrical

Just saw this, mega price for this watch. Seems cheaper than even Amazon UK. Other Irish stores doing similar price too

1 year, 5 months in Bargain Alerts by LpPepper 3 Replies 579 Views 3 Thanks

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Sim Free €466.99 Argos

Just spotted this one, not showing on mobile site. It's this price in a few colours. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SIM Free €466.99

1 year, 5 months in Bargain Alerts by LpPepper 15 Replies 719 Views 2 Thanks

Weird low oil pressure problem

My fiance is having a weird problem with her 04 Micra relating to the low oil pressure light. For the last week or so, when the car is cold and RPMs are low or at idle e.g. stopped at lights or rolling up to a stop in neutral or lower RPMs, the low oil pressure light flickers on and off. When the

1 year, 4 months in DIY Car Maintenance & Repair by LpPepper 2 Replies 10 Views

Buying and Registering WA car

Hi all Flying into Perth in January and will be there for 3 weeks. Our plan is to live/work in Melbourne for at least 6 months and to travel there by car from Perth. So we'll be buying a WA car and will need to register it in our name while there. Our Air BnB host has agreed to let us use their ad

1 year, 4 months in Australia by LpPepper 9 Replies

Buying from a shop on

Hi Looking at Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 on adverts and a few users (presumably shops) have them for sale "unlocked" and brand new. I enquired with one particular user (well over 400 positive feedbacks) and he said to unlock the phone he would have to open the phone box in front of me and then unlock

1 year, 6 months in Android Devices by LpPepper 1 Reply

Bosch Series 4 Washer or Samsung Eco Bubble

As per title, does anyone have any positive or negative comments about either machine? Bosch includes 2 years parts and labor, Samsung includes 5 years

1 year, 6 months in Home Appliances by LpPepper

Leaving job in 2 months - they're looking for letter of resignation now?

Hi, As title says I'm finishing up at my current position in about 2 months time as I'm heading to Oz on a 1-year working holiday visa. I told my manager a few months ago that I was leaving for Oz in the new year and all was fine. About 2 weeks ago he asked if I had a general time line of when I p

1 year, 6 months in Work Problems by LpPepper 51 Replies

Male Cyclist Down Dublin City Center

Female Cyclist down on Gardiner street, emergency services at the scene. No word on her condition.

1 year, 6 months in Cycling by LpPepper 11 Replies 213 Views

Honda CR-V 1st gen/2nd gen

Looking into one of these over in Australia. Heading there in January. Does anyone have any experience with 1st gen/2nd gen models? I.e 1997 to early 2000s. Any common problems? I have read of rear axle fluid needing to be changed often in 4wd models but is there anything else? Thanks

1 year, 7 months in Buying and Selling by LpPepper

Which car to buy in Australia?

Well, Myself and the GF are heading to Australia in January on a Working Holiday Visa and are flying out to Perth. We plan on buying a car in Perth and driving to Melbourne (about 3,500km or so) and then living in Melbourne for at least 6 months then head up the east coast. Any recommendations on

1 year, 9 months in Buying and Selling by LpPepper 16 Replies

Broadband and TV not working South Dublin

Hi, Today our broadband has stopped working and as a result the TV also. Over the last week or two the internet has occasionally dropped out a few times a day and now is completely not working. Based in Tallaght, South Dublin. Are there works going on in the area? Thanks

1 year, 10 months in eir by LpPepper 1 Reply

How do connecting flights work with baggage?

Hi Heading to Perth in January and not sure how connecting flights and baggage work. We booked through USIT and have a single booking reference which through Check My Trip shows all flights via the one booking reference. Flight details are: Flying out from Dublin on Jan 8th 14:00 to Heathrow arri

1 year, 10 months in Travel by LpPepper 5 Replies

New wiper linkage arm rubbing/scraping

Hi, Car failed NCT on worn wiper linkage. Received new wiper linkage arms today and went out replacing worn ones (ball joints gone). Put the whole thing back into the car and the driver's side linkage arm (longer one) is scraping and rubbing off the panel just beneath it. It's like the arm is too

1 year, 11 months in DIY Car Maintenance & Repair by LpPepper 7 Replies 14 Views

NCT visual re-test only - booking required?

Hi all Car failed on wiper linkage being worn (passed in its current state last time around!!) So will be replacing linkage arms. Re-test is visual only - can I just rock up to the centre and ask for visual inspection? Or do I have to book? Thanks

1 year, 11 months in Motors by LpPepper 5 Replies 52 Views

Leaving a 24 month bill pay contract

Hi, I'm leaving the country from 1 year from January 2018 and my 2 year contract does not end until December 2018. How do I leave the contract in January? Do I have to pay the remaining monthly payments in a lump sum to free myself from the contract? I.e. 11 months remaining at €30 would be €330 l

1 year, 11 months in eir by LpPepper 1 Reply