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[Rant] Drivers in Sandyford

Is there something about being stuck in traffic in Sandyford that makes people forget basic rules of the road and common courtesy? I get as frustrated as everyone else when I venture out of work and see a wash of red lights in both directions but I've never seen anything like the crap that goes on i

3 months, 3 weeks in Motors by markpb 30 Replies 2,490 Views 10 Thanks

Anyone having problems with Eir today?

My eir broadband isn’t working at all and my phone on eir mobile has limited or no broadband connection. I can’t get to any of the eir websites from another ISP (three). Am I alone? Edit: When I ring 1901, it rings a few times and then hangs up

7 months, 1 week in eir by markpb 354 Replies 4,207 Views 8 Thanks

Vacant blocks

This article is on the Irish Times website I see this from time to time in the papers. Can someone explain to me how a situation like that happens? 12 years is a long time to leave a new building completely empty

11 months, 4 weeks in Accommodation & Property by markpb 4 Replies

Bridge over M50 at Westwood

A colleague in work just pointed out that there's a bridge over the M50 between Westwood and Glencairn. The southern end of the bridge seems to be in some inaccessible fields behind Holy Trinity NS. I haven't been able to find anything online about it. What was it built for?

1 year, 2 months in Commuting & Transport by markpb 14 Replies

Sandyford P&R closure

The car park at Sandyford Luas closed recently to facilitate changes to the depot because of the new, longer trams. Does anyone know what work is being done? I'm a little confused because the car park is on the other side of the tram line to the depot

1 year, 4 months in Commuting & Transport by markpb 1 Reply

Proper bus lanes

DCC Traffic tweeted recently that the much-abused bus lane on the N1/Swords road inbound (near Whitehall church) has been upgraded so that it is now separated from the other lanes by bollards. They start on the ramp from the flyover and end about 20m before the junction, with a gap to allow entry in

2 years, 3 months in Commuting & Transport by markpb 81 Replies 1,632 Views 12 Thanks

This is how you build a subway

LA Metro & Metrolink from 1999 to 2026. It's pretty impressive stuff but, for me, the most amazing part is that all of the recent projects have been funded because the local taxpayers voted to pay extra sales tax for transport projects. For those of you without flash, they opened their first line i

2 years in Commuting & Transport by markpb 5 Replies 314 Views 6 Thanks

Is this true?

A friend of mine was due to fly to Las Vegas via Heathrow with BA yesterday. He's been posting on Facebook that his flight from Heathrow was delayed for lots of reasons and wouldn't make it to LAS before it closed for the night. Today's flight was delayed for lots of reasons again and then finally c

1 year, 9 months in Aviation & Aircraft by markpb 9 Replies 859 Views

Video connection problems

I switched from Virgin Media to eir yesterday for both TV and broadband. The broadband is working fine but the TV box is giving problems. The engineer told me that the HDMI connection on my TV was broken so he used the scart connection instead. The serial-like connection on the back of the eir visio

1 year, 9 months in eir by markpb 1 Reply

Broken key

My car key broke today, the metal casing that keeps the key in the fob snapped off (surprisingly easily). Had anyone any ideas how to fix it or get a new one without paying the crazy money for an entirely new key? It's a 2010 insignia

1 year, 11 months in Motors by markpb 11 Replies


Can someone explain the differences between these three organisations to me? What's the difference between TII and NTA?

3 years, 1 month in Commuting & Transport by markpb 28 Replies 107 Views 1 Thank

House survey while purchasing

I bought a 22 year old house a few weeks ago and had a routine survey done prior to purchase. The survey didn't point out any problems of note. Yesterday we opened the second left of a ground floor patio door for the first time and a few minutes later, the door broke apart and fell on the ground bec

2 years, 10 months in Accommodation & Property by markpb 12 Replies

Insignia and Google Maps

I recently ditched my old car and bought a shiny new (for me) 10 Insignia. I'm in love with all the new toys but one thing is annoying me. I have my phone (HTC One M8) paired over Bluetooth and can use the car speakers to make phone calls. However I can't get Google Maps to play voice directions ove

3 years, 1 month in Motors by markpb 33 Replies 97 Views

Driving in France

I'm going to EuroDisney in March and since my two kids (under 4) insist on coming with me, I'm going to pack my trusty estate to the gills, sail to Cherbourg and drive to Disney from there. My car is a 2004 Peugeot 307 estate and while it works as a runabout and is regularly serviced, I'm a littl

3 years, 4 months in Motors by markpb 9 Replies 553 Views

Emergency hearse

I'm not sure where to post this but flashing lights were involved so this might be the best place for it :) Yesterday afternoon I was driving round the south-west of the city (somewhere near Crumlin I think) when I met a hearse. What drew my attention was the pair of blue flashing lights fitted to

3 years, 5 months in Emergency Services by markpb 12 Replies