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Diagrams of Coffee Drinks

This is nice Coffee Drinks Cheers

9 years, 10 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 10 Replies 7,941 Views 21 Thanks

HMV Sale 1.5TB External Verbatim

Hey, Found this tonight, good value in my opinion. 1.5TB Verbatim External USB 2 SATA Drive with Nero Backup included. Down to 69.99. Picture attached. Cheers

8 years, 11 months in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 15 Replies 3,434 Views 7 Thanks

Nice Chemex Article

Posted on the gadget blog Gizmodo and linked back to the source. It's a nice read with a little video from Intelligentsia Coffee on the bottom too. mmmmm blackcat! Anyway.... Here Cheers

9 years, 1 month in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 6 Replies 1,310 Views 4 Thanks

How to: Actually make coffee (Gizmodo)

Nice read, nice links and nice pictures. All over here Cheers

9 years, 9 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 638 Views 4 Thanks

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Reduced in price due to newer version on the way. Now available at 299 (Sterling) from Asda. You can reserve and collect in store.,default,pd.html (requires UK postcodes)

8 years, 2 months in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 3 Replies 1,692 Views 1 Thank

Acer Aspire One - €199

Havey Normans - Carrickmines. 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, Usual Atom 270 (1.6Ghz), 3 Cell battery. Windows XP Home. This is reduced from 349.00 to 199.00. Bargin?? I think so. :D

10 years in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 18 Replies 2,959 Views 2 Thanks

Price Drops on Munkey Espresso (Java Republic) beans.

Noticed a recently roasted batch in Dunnes of all places at 4.29 euro per 227 gram bag. It's not quite a bargin alert but I did pay more than 6 euro per bag previously

8 years, 5 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 3 Replies 1,067 Views 1 Thank

Halfords Promotion Error

Noticed this today and followed it through. If you browse around you will find various products with a buy 1 get 1 one half price promotion. But when you add two products into the basket you are getting the lesser value one free. Works on clothing and accessories too. See attached

8 years, 8 months in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 16 Replies 4,427 Views 1 Thank

La Marzocco Strada pressure control extreme!

Read this a little earlier. Very cool. Controlling pressure via settings delivered over a USB connection. Very much a retro meets techno ideal. Article including pictures available on Gizmodo Enjoy

8 years, 11 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 564 Views 1 Thank

Philips 160GB Portable Drive 32.50 in Dunnes

As per picture - this was in Cornelscourt this evening. Enjoy

9 years, 9 months in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 47 Replies 6,651 Views 1 Thank

Make a shirt from your spent coffee grinds.

Interesting post at Gizmodo today. Seemingly a new process has been discovered that turns spent coffee grinds into yarn. "One medium cup of coffee can make two T-shirts," according to the general manager of Singtex, makers of S. Cafe shirts. I could start a business outta what I drink! :)

9 years, 10 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 394 Views 1 Thank

Nintendo Wii - €168

Harvey Normans - Carrickmines Wii Console with Wii Sports €168 Seems like a bargin. Limit of one per person. Cheers

10 years in Bargain Alerts by hshortt 14 Replies 2,726 Views 1 Thank

If I was a Bicycle..... Perhaps a new promo trailer for Brooks. Just watch then try to stop singing this little tune. NSFW!!!! Ample buttocks on display... :D

8 years, 1 month in Cycling by hshortt 394 Views

Espresso Appreciation @3fe

hmmmm.... I'm surprised that a post hasn't been done already, but Colin's place - (hit the blog) are running an espresso appreciation event tomorrow at 12 for 20 euro. Super! :) That I've the time is rare so I've booked me ticket online, but Colin! FFS. Surely if I

8 years, 4 months in Coffee & Tea by hshortt 2 Replies 680 Views

Lock Review.

Has anoyone here used/owned this and has a review to share for this lock please. Magnum Plus Mini Shackle & Extender Cable Bike Lock. - 60.99 on Halfords. Link Halfords reviews tend towards a bias. Cheers

8 years, 8 months in Cycling by hshortt 20 Replies 2,835 Views