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Reload firmware onto braindead Lumix GH1

A few years ago, my Lumix GH1 suffered unfortunate event (long story) - the end result is that the firmware no longer exists on the camera (or is possibly corrupt). The camera is essentially dumb. When you switch it on, all you get is some clicking sounds. Does anyone know if the camera can be res

1 month, 3 weeks in Cameras & Accessories by highdef 2 Replies

Legality of bi-directional lane on R148, Co. Kildare

Not too far from where I live, there is a crossroads called Cloncurry Cross. It's a few kilometres east of Enfield. If turning right off the main road when travelling east or west bound, there is only one lane for both directions. The image below explains it much better than words. Is this set-up le

2 months, 3 weeks in Commuting & Transport by highdef 23 Replies 734 Views 3 Thanks

Class 22000 - Is it based on a common platform/design?

As per the title, the main reason I ask is if the 22000 class is bespoke design for Ireland, why were they made so narrow (9' 3", I believe)? I'm unsure what the maximum permissible width is but AFAIK it's at least 10'. Anyone know what the maximum width is allowed? The same goes with regards to th

4 months in Train & Rail Systems by highdef 7 Replies

Two international broadcasters looking to Dublin for EU operations after Brexit

Link here....very interesting:

4 months, 1 week in Broadcasting by highdef 15 Replies 394 Views 1 Thank

Recommend a good quality AND quiet (as can be) water pump for house

So my Grundfos MQ of 9 years might have died. Sounds like a stuck impeller so a chance it might be able to be fixed but in any case it's getting on in years and it's a bit noisier than I'd like so was wondering if technology has improved since then and are there now good quality pumps available that

5 months, 2 weeks in Plumbing & Heating by highdef 10 Replies

Intermittent issues - ECars home charger

Have an issue which has started recently with the 3 year old home chargepoint that was fitted by ESB. In the past few weeks, the car has sometimes failed to charge overnight (2015 Nissan Leaf with timer set up). When it happens, the red LED is shown on the chargepoint. The car has been looked at by

5 months, 4 weeks in Electric Vehicles & Hybrids by highdef 11 Replies 67 Views

1st frost of the autumn

I got my first frost of the autumn this morning. Pop a photo of the first frost in your area whenever you get your first frost. It may give a good idea as to the distribution of the different climates in this country.

7 months, 4 weeks in Weather Pictures by highdef 1 Reply 69 Views 3 Thanks

Dublin port tunnel closed both directions

The Dublin port tunnel is closed in both directions. Anyone know has happened to close out both ways? But seeing anything on the main media outlets

8 months, 3 weeks in Commuting & Transport by highdef 12 Replies

Irish DMU transmission replacement expected to save fuel

Interesting article:

11 months in Train & Rail Systems by highdef 4 Replies 61 Views 1 Thank

Where's the fuse on a Warmflow Kabin Pak Outdoor Oil Boiler - K120HE

I've a Warmflow Kabin Pak Outdoor Oil Boiler - K120HE and it stopped working during storm Hector, when the power went. It's dead as a Dodo. I've been told that there's a 3 amp fuse that I could try changing, in the hopeful chance that it' something that simple. Does anyone know where that fuse it lo

11 months, 1 week in Plumbing & Heating by highdef 3 Replies

Dublin Fire Brigade two Tone air horn

Walking along the canal beside Davitt Road the other day, a fire tender was approaching from the South Circular Road direction. The usual siren was sounding bit as it got closer to me (and as it encountered much heavier traffic), an older style two Tone air horn began sounding, in addition, presumab

1 year in Emergency Services by highdef 6 Replies

Seating arrangement on old laminate stock

Was reading this earlier... and it mentions twice in it that a section of the carriage had 3+3 seating. I would never have thought any coaching stock in Ireland would've had 3+3, with 2+3 behind the max on the likes of the l

1 year, 2 months in Train & Rail Systems by highdef 19 Replies

Misleading Billboard

So I saw this billboard today (see the attachment) and immediately thought that the wording was very misleading by stating that 90% of down syndrome babies in the UK are aborted. By definition, a baby is a child who has been born and is outside of the womb. Before birth, it is a foetus. I think th

1 year, 3 months in News & Media by highdef 17 Replies

Plant ID - What privet type

Hi, I have some privet hedging and will soon be buying more. I'm not 100% sure what variety it is but I think it is Ligustrum vulgare. See attached photos. I'm guessing it is the Vulgare variety as the leaves are quite pointy. Assuming it is this variety, would the Ovalifolium variety look a lot d

1 year, 4 months in Gardening by highdef 2 Replies

Windscreen wipers enabling head/tail lights

With so many eejits driving in rainy conditions with no lights on, where visibility can be almost nil, especially on roads with fast moving traffic such as motorways, would it be a good idea if windscreen wipers could be linked to the head/tail lights? If you're wipers are on full (not intermittent

1 year, 8 months in Motors by highdef 42 Replies 227 Views 2 Thanks