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De minimis rule and spellings

If I call the judge a cnut *, will it be known what I am speaking of? More generally, can one get away with using a deliberate misspelling to abuse a rule of law, e.g. trade as Joe Bloggs Ldt. while not having a limited company. I am aware that some legislation use the phrase "cognate words shall

1 month, 1 week in Legal Discussion by Victor 10 Replies 69 Views

"The dogs on the street"

Is this incorporated in any legal phrases or concepts? It would seem that a judge could apply the concept to a witness giving Jesuitical answers

1 month, 1 week in Legal Discussion by Victor 13 Replies

[Puzzle] So, where's this railway?

And no, I've no idea how those 'turntables' are meant to work.

1 month, 1 week in Train & Rail Systems by Victor 10 Replies

When were pub closing times introduced?

I presume WWI or earlier, but any ideas?

2 months, 1 week in Legal Discussion by Victor 4 Replies

St. Patrick's Festival Transport

General information and links Information on access for patrons with special needs to the St. Patrick’s Festival 2019 is available to view here. Dublin Bus h

2 months, 2 weeks in Commuting & Transport by Victor 2 Replies

Drogheda Tyrannosaurus Rex

2 months, 3 weeks in Palaeontology by Victor

Joyce-Cycle: Love Your Bike Poetry

If any one is interested in entering, Dublin Cycling Campaign is running a poetry competition in conjunction with Poetry Ireland.

3 months in Creative Writing by Victor Love Matches

3 months, 1 week in Site Development by Victor 2 Replies

Runway slope

Assuming a dead calm wind situation and flat land beyond the runway, is it better to take off uphill or downhill?

3 months, 3 weeks in Aviation & Aircraft by Victor 2 Replies

Some Detective Work

This is De Burgh Road, Dublin 7. There is an old street sign (attached) that may say "St. Lawrence Road". Could someone colour-shift the image to confirm? Admittedly the sign itself may have been reused and it wasn't St. Lawrence Road at all - there is another St. Lawrence Road in Clontarf. Thanks

4 months, 1 week in Photography by Victor 2 Replies

Fire Hydrants

Who is responsible for maintaining these, or int his case, the associated signage?

4 months, 1 week in Irish Water by Victor 1 Reply

I'm looking for a **particular** dark chocolate mousse sponge cake, I need help. I'm looking for a **particular** dark chocolate mousse sponge cake. Approximately 250 diameter x 60mm high, fairly plain finish. Likely bought in Dublin 4 or 6. I've checked SuperValu, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Donnybrook Fair & Dunnes websites & cake not there. That doesn't mean

4 months, 3 weeks in Food by Victor 5 Replies 117 Views

Public consultation on electoral register Some interesting suggestions in the article. It will be interesting to see the full public consultation document. I'll try to stick up the link when it is published today. Other articles:

5 months in Politics by Victor 3 Replies

Graffiti on street cabinets

Is there someone I can report graffiti on street cabinets to? I'm not 100% that these cabinets are eir. An art program like the one done by Dublin City Council (see Queen of Hearts design in photo) and some other councils might be useful.

5 months, 1 week in eir by Victor 1 Reply

Two cans Santa

The shame.

5 months, 1 week in Beer Guts & Receding Hairlines by Victor